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Welcome to the Health Journeys' website, offering a wealth of guided imagery, hypnosis and other mind-body products, research and information. Our mission is to encourage the use of these wonderfully user-friendly, portable, inexpensive practices in the workplace and at home.

Founded in 1991 by George R. Klein and Belleruth Naparstek, Health Journeys is a leader in producing and distributing digital holistic health tools that teach wellness practices and provide direct healing experiences.

We've put a lot of time into our version of quality guided visualization and imagery, and we carefully curate our catalog. Our authors are hand-picked clinicians who research their content thoroughly and test it out before recording. In our nearly 25 years as a company, we've acquired a wealth of useful feedback, worked hard to pay careful attention, and have evolved accordingly.

So, please be our guest. Have a look around, check out our samples, and see for yourself how guided meditation and other mind-body techniques can help improve your health, creativity and performance. Welcome!

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Important New NIH Study Starting Up on Countering Burnout at Work

Belleruth Naparstek | Update From BR | View Comments
I just read about a new, NIH-funded study that begins this month, right here in Northeast Ohio, by a terrific agency called Frontline, which serves the deinstitutionalized mentally ill, homeless, traumatized and suicidal people of Cleveland and surroundings…

What to Do for a Friend Who Injured Another in a Car Accident

Belleruth Naparstek | Ask BR | View Comments
A concerned friend asks about what to give a friend who was traumatized by a car accident that was her fault, where she injured the other driver. She is devastated and traumatized and in need of something…

So Much for Sharing Your Feelings, Fibro Sufferers!

Belleruth Naparstek | Hot Research | View Comments
A study comparing 3 coping strategies for reducing the pain and anxiety of people suffering with fibromyalgia, the results were a little shocking to many therapists and counselors whose primary focus is on helping people express their feelings…

She Says Guided Imagery Is How She Does Everything She Does

Belleruth Naparstek | Inspiring Story | View Comments
Here is a wonderful post that appeared on the blog of a Registered Dietician and Wellness Coach named Chere Borg. It's from Terry, an oncology nurse who uses guided imagery as part of her daily wellness regimen, for stress reduction and weight loss…

July-A Great Month for Embracing Change

Health Journeys | HJ Blog Article | View Comments
Can you name the busiest weekend of the year for moving companies?

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