Guided Meditation for Successful Pregnancy and Fertility

We have no hard research on this yet (although we have a couple of studies in the works) but anecdotal evidence and a lot of feedback from right here on this site, not to mention several discussion boards on the internet, is pointing to the likelihood that our Help with Infertility guided imagery is a powerful intervention for promoting fertility, conception and successful pregnancy.

In fact early on, right after we first produced the imagery for infertility, we got this joyous email:

“I am writing about my experience. I bought the Infertility CD and listened to it continuously since I bought it. I also bought the Health Journeys Music CD, which I play at night, set on repeat. I also bought the Stress Pack.

”I started my first in vitro retrieval and embryo transfer this month. After the transfer, I bought Belleruth’s Pregnancy CD.

”I received the news yesterday that my procedure was successful and I am 4 weeks pregnant. Thanks!!”

This is consistent with Alice Domar’s infertility research, which shows that her program at Beth Israel hospital/Harvard Medical School, consisting of group support, relaxation, imagery and anger management, significantly improved the rate of conception and successful pregnancy in her groups of women struggling with fertility issues.

Probably more convincing are the emails from people who’ve been struggling for years, then got introduced to guided imagery and out of the blue, finally conceived. The only thing different in their lives was the imagery (and the fact that they were older, which presumably would make pregnancy less likely, not more so).

A lot of our “fertility graduates” go on to use our Healthy Pregnancy & Successful Childbirth imagery, with the extra advantage of already being ‘pros’ at slipping into the deeply immersive, relaxing state of guided imagery listening. They can then use the imagery super-effectively to support their pregnancy and feel more connected to the gestating baby in utero; and to use the second audio to help with the discomforts of labor and delivery.

But successful resolution of fertility struggles does not always mean pregnancy. Sometimes people come to the very healthy decision that they want to stop trying and either adopt or be child-free. The 4-part Health Journeys imagery set has guided imagery to work with these solutions as well. And there is imagery to help specifically with some of the uncomfortable and even dehumanizing procedures involved in fertility treatment. We really tried to cover all of it in this double set.

Other methods used to assist with fertility and conception can be found in the program created by imagery expert and OBGYN, Harise Stein, and Penny Donnelly, RN, MFT, who expanded the Domar method to include:

  • emotional resilience
  • guided imagery for fertility
  • qigong
  • forgiveness
  • expressive arts (art therapy)
  • couples? massage