Health Journeys guided imagery is now available on Playaway® media players

Introducing (drum roll, please) Playaway® ...

How to use Playaway

Everyone at Health Journeys is tickled pink to introduce a new format for listening to our guided imagery: a durable, preloaded audio player with high quality sound that works in any environment, called Playaway®.

These clever little 2-ounce widgets are about the size of an iPod, only lighter. They come in a classy package, packed with AAA batteries, ear buds and a loop for wearing around your neck, so they're totally ready to roll, immediately and anywhere. (They have a universal jack, so you can even plug your own fancy ear cans into it to get the full impact of their masterful sound quality.).

Turn it over and you'll find simple, user-friendly play, pause, stop, fast forward, fast backward and track skipping buttons. There's even a bookmark function, so you can return to your favorite spot again and again.

They sterilize easily, so they're great for repeated use in hospitals or libraries; and they're really hard to break, so they're ideal for military, even downrange in Iraq and Afghanistan (where they're currently being used).

And listen up, all you guided imagery researchers: there's even a version with a counter, so studies can track the number of times a subject has listened to your audio intervention - an accurate record of dosage, in other words.

So consider this format as a gift to your favorite soldier, surgery patient, pregnant person... you get the picture. It's a healing experience in a box, complete and ready to use, that can transform a challenging time to an experience of mastery and confidence.

Click here to see if we've got the title you want in this format. And if we don't, ask. Our list is growing all the time.

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