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Self-Esteem Self-Esteem
by David Illig

David Illig, PhD has created some of the best Ericksonian hypnosis programs I’ve ever heard. I first heard a tape of his in 1984, and I’ve been searching for him ever since. His voice is trustworthy and gentle, his virtuoso technique is brilliant and masterful. Hemi-sync musical tones and simple, subliminal affirmations complete these gems. We’re starting with three of his most effective and popular titles. I urge you to add these to your library and let them enhance the progress you’re already making with guided imagery and meditation.

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I designed this guided imagery to put a little distance between the listener and any stress, strain or fear of failure, while opening heart and mind to remembering the joy of merging with an activity and just flowing with it. Positive images pump up self-esteem, confidence and focus, creating an energized, calm sense of mastery. (58 min.)
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Psychiatrist Emmett Miller is a master of imagery and hypnosis, who has trained scores of professional athletes with his powerful techniques and compelling voice. This 2-part audio first helps you reconstruct the experience of your personal best and then takes you beyond it. (59 minutes)
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Customer Reviews

Self Esteem    July 24, 2007
Reviewed by: Melvin

I have recently received and started to use this and think it's absolutely brilliant for anyone with low self esteem. I have tried several other CDs/MP3s for this problem over the years but this is by far the best. I strongly recommend this CD.

Self-Esteem    November 25, 2006
Reviewed by: J

The Voice was a little too deep for me, could not relax easily.