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Song of the Soul Song of the Soul
by Lynne Newman

Track One is a divinely inspired, lyrical, utterly original, 30 minute guided meditation of extraordinary beauty and power. Its heartfelt richness and integrity will take you deeper into yourself and illuminate your own, unique inner journey. Track Two allows you to listen to Steve Kohn's exquisite music by itself, giving your imagination permission and space to work on its own. Produced by Health Journeys.

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Customer Reviews

Song of the Soul    December 08, 2011
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Ford

This guided imagery meditation is an amazingly beautiful way to help reconnect to one's soul and inner power!

Song of the Soul    January 26, 2010
Reviewed by: Patricia

I have all of Lynne's mp3s and feel that they are divinely inspired. I feel so surrounded by love and a sense of total surrender when I listen to her warm, beautiful, reassuring voice. Such beautiful imagery. My daughter and I were at an ashram together and I played one on my portable iPOD player as we were going to sleep. In the morning, she told me it was so beautiful and touching that it made her cry (she's 22). The love that emanates from and through Lynne is incredible. I recommend ALL of her guided imagery tapes, they are wonderful!

Songs of the soul    December 09, 2008
Reviewed by: Rose Dziorny

This CD created by Lynne Newmann Is no less than brilliant. The meditation allows you to journey inward and see the colors of you sould. It helps you connect with your spririt and provides a relaxing way to further explore your inner journey.

Song of the Soul    July 08, 2007
Reviewed by: MPS

I do much better with guided meditation than meditation on my own and this cd is terrific! Lynne Newman's voice is relaxing, comfortable and gentle. The music is soothing and a great background for practicing self-meditation. I highly recommend it. I have just purchased Lynne's other meditation mp3s and can't wait to listen to them!

Hospice Chaplain    November 15, 2006
Reviewed by: Milly Kopecky

This CD was such a blessing to me I ordered one for a friend who was going through intense treatment for breast cancer. She took this CD with her every trip to chemo and listened to it the entire time. She took it to bed with her at night to listen as she dropped off to sleep. She felt Lynne was her campanion on her healing journey. What a gift Lynne is to the Universe!

Professional Musician    October 23, 2006
Reviewed by: Jennifer Ponzoni

I have the great fortune of knowing Lynne Newman personally and professionally. I attend the Women's Circle Lynne Newman offers as often as my schedule permits. I received this CD as a gift a couple of years ago. It absolutely works! It is a great tool that helps me prepare and focus for my day ahead. When I feel overwhelmed or over-burdened, one meditaion from this CD helps put matters into perspective. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

song of the soul    October 22, 2006
Reviewed by: maria

Hi I find this c.d to be very powerful in creating deep peace and healing when I listen to it.I suffer with intense pain and everytime I have played it,it has made a tremendous difference not only in my body but it helps me to cope with the day ahead.Highly recommended !!!!!

Social Worker    October 18, 2006
Reviewed by: Jacquelyn Jones

I have found Song of the Soul a powerful tool to unwind, meditate and transform my spirit into balance. Lynne's voice gently guides me into a sacred space, a santuary that sooths my soul. Truly, a gift to mind, body and spirit.

nervous mom    October 18, 2006
Reviewed by: michele delmont

This cd was really exilerating and very helpful for not only my sanity but also for my family. I have even passed this cd on to a dear friend, shirleen, who has been suffering from loss and everyday anxiety. This cd has helped me to feel the presence of God and the God within myself. I was actually able to meditate and see the world that exists within my dreams. Ms. Newman's voice is so soothing and trustworthy, that i am eternally gratefully to her and the strength in which she has conjured to be able to help so many including myself acheive a taste of heaven here within this world. I applaude Ms. Newman for her work and i would and will encourage others to buy this cd. Ms. Newman really has given me the opportunity to feel new strength and renewal and her work (cd) has everything to do with it. Thank you Ms. Newman for your love and time to help so many of us taste a piece of heaven. I am truely and whole-heartedly thankful.