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Successful Surgery - Health Journeys Successful Surgery - Health Journeys
by Belleruth Naparstek

This guided imagery, found to be highly effective in double blind, placebo-controlled research, creates the context for a successful, safe and comfortable surgery, complete with suggestions to reduce bleeding and speed up mending with minimal discomfort. A separate music track can be played in the O.R., and affirmations focus on the recovery period. (81 min.)

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Customer Reviews

Successful Surgery    March 04, 2014
Reviewed by: C. Keen

I listened to these for two weeks prior to major surgery, during the surgery, and am still listening two weeks post-op The guided visualization and affirmations helped me to approach the surgery calmly and confidently, and to relax with the process before and after, especially with staying present with what is happening, rather than letting my thoughts run away with worries, anxieties and disaster scenarios, as I am wont to do. Post-op would have been much more stressful without these mp3s, and although I cannot compare this to what the process would have been like without these, I'm convinced that my outcomes were greatly improved because of them. My experience of the entire process certainly was. Thank you so much, and I recommend them to all. If certain ideas are a bit hokey to you, just skip over them.

Successful Surgery    September 02, 2013
Reviewed by: Jane

I listened to both the guided imagery and the affirmations sections repeatedly before 3 surgeries with excellent results. I started one month in advance listening once per day and the week before I listened twice a day. My anxiety level was way down, my recovery time less than expected and all three surgeries were successful. I repeated this to myself throughout the day, "There will be no complications, minimal bleeding and little discomfort." This was the case in all three surgeries! I highly recommend this to anyone preparing for surgery. It works.

Successful Surgery    July 18, 2013
Reviewed by: Carolyn

I purchased this the minute I found out I needed surgery. I listened to the imagery on a daily basis up to the surgery day. After the surgery, back in my room I started listening to the affirmations and used the musio for during surgery to help me sleep. This was the first time I was able to sleep in a hospital overnight. I actually ran down the battery on my iPhone listening to this. I was able to go back to work five weeks after surgery instead of the 8 weeks I was told that I would need to heal. I highly recommend this cd to anyone who is going to have surgery. It was a great help to me.

Successful Surgery    April 23, 2013
Reviewed by: Mary .R.

I purchased the successful surgery play away about 3 weeks prior to a hysterectomy and listened it to it twice a day, morning and nite. The first few times I fell asleep because it was just so relaxing.I brought it with me to the hospital and listened prior to going in and also that first nite it the hospital.It helped soothe me tremendously and also helped me tune out the sounds of those patients around me. The next morning I was up doing laps around the hallways and the nurses were calling me an overachiever. I am one week post op and my recovery continues to progress ahead of schedule. I listen to the positive affirmations every nite and the music continues to help me relax. I am so happy I bought the playaway and highly recommend it, it was worth every penny!!

Successful Surgery    April 05, 2013
Reviewed by: Denyse E

I purchased this CD 1 week prior to having my surgery. I listened to it at least twice a day, morning and at bedtime. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time and decided to have bilateral mastectomies having the Diep Flap, my surgeon had told me I would be debilitated for 3 weeks and would not be able to get out of bed by myself, well the next day I was up walking . They called me their poster child , they could not believe how fast I recovered. Today my visiting nurse told me ""wow your incisions look great after 1 week" I strongly recommend this CD for anyone that's going to have surgery!!!

Successful Surgery    March 19, 2013
Reviewed by: A. Sosa

This audiobook is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone going through a surgery. It helped to keep me calm before and after my procedure. Do not miss it.

Successful Surgery    January 23, 2013
Reviewed by: Dana

I used this a few times before my breast reduction (I was terrified!). The surgery was supposed to be 3 hours, but ended up being only 2 & the doctor was very pleased with his work! Thank you!

Successful Surgery    December 31, 2012
Reviewed by: Bhenry

I purchased this for my husband to use when he had two total knee replacement surgeries six months apart in 2009. He liked it so much that he got the surgeon's permission to listen to it during surgery. We have since loaned it out to other friends who have had surgery.

Successful Surgery    December 03, 2011
Reviewed by: Stephanie

Two weeks ago today, I had multiple abdominal hernias repaired. My doctors projected I would be in surgery for 4 hours and in the hospital 3 to 4 days. I got this CD and listened to it every night before I went to bed for a few weeks. It helped reduce my anxiety prior to surgery, my surgery took less than 3 hours and I was discharged after 2 days. I was off narcotics within 36 hours. One of my surgeons said this surgery was "a lot easier" than he expected. Guided imagry and affirmations are so powerful! I am grateful I used this tool and would highly recommend it! Thank you Health Journeys and Belleruth! To you I am grateful :)

Successful Surgery    May 06, 2011
Reviewed by: Diane B

I had almost 5 weeks between diagnosis and open heart surgery for an aortic Valve replacement. I'd had a good friend die of exactly the same surgery, at my exact age 8 years ago. Needless to say, even tho my doctors told me I'd do fine, I couldn't get my anxious thinking under control. I had used this CD 2 years earlier for a knee replacement, and it worked great. This time, I went to sleep every evening with Belleruth speaking softly in my ear, from the imagery to the affirmations, I would just let it run until at some point I would wake up and shut it off. It kept me from totally freaking out those weeks before surgery, when I needed to temporarily (I hoped) close up a busy mental health counseling private practice. To say I highly recommend this CD would be understating my endorsement.

Successful Surgery    March 18, 2011
Reviewed by: Tina Pruitt Campbell

HIghly recommended. It is the day after my surgery and I have little-to-no pain, and haven't taken any meds yet (2pm in the afternoon!). It was very calming. I listened to it the night before surgery and the while I was up and about all morning prior to surgery. I have already suggested this to friends on a wellness forum I am part of, and will also recommend to clients....very helpful indeed.

Successful Surgery    March 14, 2011
Reviewed by: Christina

I had my double jaw surgery 4 weeks ago, and feel like I never had it done. After one week I was back at the gym, and by 2 weeks the swelling was all gone. The surgeon said I "behaved very well during the procedure' i.e low blood loss and blood pressure, and even the nurses said afterwards how well I was doing. From comparisons to other jaw surgery patients, I feel like I superwoman, and this meditation I believe is one of the differences. I listened to both parts before the surgery 4-5 times (including the morning of), and listened to the affirmations in the first couple of nights after the procedure, as I found sleep difficult, and it was quite comforting. I HIGHLY recommend this. At every step of the recovery, I have been told by everyone involved in my care how exceptionally well I am doing. It shows that the power of the mind is very influential, and this steers your mind in such a positive direction.

Successful Surgery    March 03, 2011
Reviewed by: Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

Because my CD player broke down at the very last minute, I was only able to hear the pre-op meditation one time. I replayed it in my head the night before surgery, and then (because I had no CD player) the attending anesthesiologist played the surgery meditation music for the entire OR! (They "loved" it.) But what was truly astounding was when one of the doctors came to my room to report EXACTLY the words that are in the pre-op meditation: my surgery was "spectacular" (the OR team's words), I lost the smallest amount of blood they'd ever seen (10 ml), and it took 2.5 hrs instead of the usual 3 hrs. On top of that, I was off heavy pain meds within 36 hours, and off of Tylenol in another 36 hrs. In 72 hrs I was up and dancing (gently) with my granddaughter! Every doc who visited me took down the name of this CD!

Successful Surgery    July 30, 2010
Reviewed by: Ricky Dee

As an experiential counselor, I have seen the power of affirmaton and guide imagery. I have never found anything as powerful as this. I never had one moment of anxiety or panic. Wore my iphone through surgery with ear buds, and am now listening post op! This is nothing short of a miracle! Thank you Belleruth!

Successful Surgery    July 02, 2009
Reviewed by: Zulema

My friend gave me this CD when I discovered I needed open-heart surgery. Open-heart surgery! I'd never been admitted to a hospital nor had I had any medically invasive procedures in my fifty-three years of life. I was so anxious I had shortness of breath. I know it was anxiety, because I was asymptomatic from my aneurysm. But I started listening to the Successful Surgery CD 3 weeks before my operation, and I listened to it during the surgery, and it was amazing. I was so relaxed that I was joking with the anesthesiologists. I experienced minimal pain, zero complications, and 9 weeks later, my recovery is going amazingly well. This is the first review I have done in my life, but this CD is a-must-have. I am now listening to the Wellness CDs, and I am recommending Belleruth to anyone who listens! I am so grateful. I can't imagine having gone for surgery without Belleruth's coaching.

Successful Surgery    February 21, 2009
Reviewed by: Joyce King

Belleruth, you're work has added to my life immeasurably! Last summer, I used Successful Surgery for 4 weeks prior to having 5 teeth including a wisdom tooth pulled. I was quite anxious before using the CD and had postponed the surgery for some time since I'm also on Warfarin. Within several days I was much calmer and by the day of surgery felt fully ready. It could not have gone more smoothly. Just as we envisioned together: very little discomfort, minimal bleeding and a very fast recovery. Now, I'm using your CD for IBD with great results as well. You are indeed a blessing. My thanks.

Successful Surgery    January 25, 2009
Reviewed by: Leslie

The night before my breast reduction surgery, I began to feel increasingly nervous and scared. My mom gave me this CD to listen to and it calmed me down and I fell asleep before it was finished. After the surgery, my surgeon commented that I actually bled less than normal during the procedure. My healing time was much faster than he expected and I had zero complications.

Successful Surgery    December 15, 2008
Reviewed by: Betty

Thank you Belleruth! I never write reviews of products, but I had to write how much this tape helped with my cosmetic surgery. I had a significant amount of liposuction and this helped tremendously to ease my pre-op anxiety. The surgery went fantastically, according to my surgeon. Now I am 2 weeks post-op, with no complications and healing very well. Most people take off from work at least a week - I was back at work after 2 days. My surgeon called me a "miracle" as she was certain I would develop a seroma (pockets of fluid) based on the amount of liposuction, but I have not had this or any other complications! Yes, I followed my doctor's orders, but I believe Belleruth's guided imagery has helped a lot with my success.

surgery    November 02, 2008
Reviewed by: Pam G.

As a person who battles anxiety and negativity in my daily life, I was skeptical that this could help me. I figured that it was worth a try. I also have a medical background ane knowing the complications that can occur, I seem to think about the things that could go wrong, instead of a positive outcome. So when I had surgery planned earlier this year, of course I was nervous and thinking the worst. Listening to Belleruth's gentle voice was so calming. In all honesty, at times I was brought to tears while listening, feeling so cared for... After using this guided imagery once or twice times daily, I went into the surgery totally relaxed, even falling asleep prior to reaching the O.R. I also had minimal pain following the surgery, I feel, due to continuing to listen afterward. I highly recommend this guided imagery for anyone planning a surgery. Thank you again, Belleruth~

Successful Surgery    October 06, 2008
Reviewed by: Heather

I started listening to this CD a few days before a scheduled surgery and it helped tremendously! It reduced my anxiety, and kept me focused on a positive outcome. The surgery went perfect, and I required NO pain medication afterwards. I attribute much of this success to the guided imagery and affirmations provided on this CD. Thank You!

Successful Surgery    September 12, 2008
Reviewed by: Rosie

Wow...thats all I can say. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 1B2 a few months ago. I underwent a radical hysterectomy combined with femoral hernia repair 10 days ago. I downloaded this surgery meditation/guided imagery a week before surgery. I listened to it both awake and asleep and right up to before i was taken into the operating room. I was told by both the hernia and the oncology surgeon that the surgery went beautifully and was so easy, that my hernia had popped back in which made it so much easier for him to repair. All the doctors/nurses told me that my incision(about 8 inches) was one of the most beautiful and well healed wounds they had ever seen. I was released from hospital after 4/5 days and told by oncology surgeon it was one of the fastest recoveries he had ever seen. I'm not one to write reviews on anything, but I just had to about it was uncanny how successful the operation and the recovery was and great thanks to you BelleRuth. Remember also, diet/nutrition play a huge role too...I refused all medications after two days and ate great organic food and juices both before and after surgery. The mind and the body can do amazing things if you provide them with the right tools...and this surgery meditation is one of those right tools. Thank you so much again :) Rosie (Sydney, Australia)

Successful Surgery    April 30, 2008
Reviewed by: Paulette T

I used these several years ago and still recommend them to any friend about to undergo surgery. I listened to them for a week before surgery and my eye surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian, allowed me to listen to them throughout my eye surgery. I would have been very anxious since I had to be awake, but I was calm at peace throughout the entire surgical procedure to correct my eyelids injured as a result of Grave's disease. I healed quickly too. I'm back online to get another set.

Successful Surgery    April 15, 2008
Reviewed by: Fran Nicholson

Thanks Belleruth! I recently had a kidney transplant (5 years on dialysis), and had three serious medical setbacks prior to surgery. My surgeons told me in amazement that the transplant could not have gone any better, plus my new kidney started working instantly! I was only in ICU for less than a day and a half (told it would be 2 days minimum). Plus, I needed very few pain meds, even right after surgery (compared to previous surgeries). I was eating normally, walking and dressed less than 3 days post-transplant. On the evening of the 4th day, the surgeon said "You're fine--go home!" Which I did the next morning. Less than a week post-surgery I was out and back to many normal activities--friends and family were shocked. Even the incisions are healing much faster than all the doctors expected. I found the CDs, especially the affirmations, very helpful and effective.

Recovering from Mastecomy and Lymph Node Dissection    December 25, 2007
Reviewed by: Renee Copfer

Buy this if you are facing surgery!!! This CD set was INVALUABLE to me. My mastectomy was the first surgery I ever had. On the advice of friends I listened to the CD prior and also loaded it onto my Ipod with other meditative music (created a surgery "playlist" on the ipod) listening before and during the operation. Fantastic surgeon at Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Alicia Fanning, had no objections. I have listened to the affermations daily since and am healing remarkably well. God bless you Belleruth for the wonderful work that you do!!!

patient    August 14, 2007
Reviewed by: Richard A. Weinstock

I have to agree with the previous reviewers. I listened to this visualization a couple of weeks prior to cancer surgery. It was a difficult surgery but went quite well. The doctors were amazed at the speed of my recovery.

Successful Surgery    July 22, 2007
Reviewed by: Grace

Prior to UPPP surgery, I listened to Successful Surgery many times. During the pre-op I was calm. My doctor allowed me to listen via ipod until anesthesia was given and the nurses had it playing when I woke up in recovery. My doctor said that I "went right under" (anesthesia), the surgery went quicker than planned with little bleeding. The complications that I had been told were common, did not occur. I recommend this CD to all friends undergoing surgery.

Successfull Surgery    June 14, 2007
Reviewed by: Erin Reas

I used this CD before laproscopic gallbladder surgery and had very little discomfort afterwards. My nurse was amazed that I did not need any pain medication before being discharged later that day. I bought the CD to help with anxiety about having surgery and was very calm the day of surgery, having listened to the CD several times in the previous weeks.

Successful Surgery    May 17, 2007
Reviewed by: Kayt Kennedy

I'm convinced that Belleruth's guided imagery & affirmations for surgery are what made my recovery fast & virtually painless. My cancer diagnosis forced me to move myself to the top of my TO DO list & every morning & evening I allowed myself to lie on my bed to listen to these powerfully supportive messages. I took the tape on a continuous play recorder into surgery (buttons taped in place) with headphones. I am so grateful to have learned of Health Journeys & I wish I could afford to pass out her tapes/CDs to any person headed for surgery. Thank you, Belleruth! Your voice still puts me into a relaxed & smiley place.

Successful Surgery    May 04, 2007
Reviewed by: Kelly

I think everyone should listen to Successful Surgery to prepare for any kind of sugery. I had my tonsills removed which is supposed to be extremly painful for adults. My doctor called me several hours after the surgery and was shocked when it was me who picked up the phone and was talking normal and how well I was doing. The surgical center called me the day after the surgery and they were suprised how well I was talking and how much little pain I was in. I am a very nervouse person. The thought of surgery was terrifing to me. So I tried not to think about the surgery. I figured when the day came I would be full of anxiety. I was fine, relaxed, and very comfortable with the idea of having it done. I wasn't scared at all. I was also able to listen to the cd in the OR. The surgeon was very interested in the cds and said he was going to get one. So if you are goingt o have surgery I recommend getting this it worked better than I could have ever imagined.

   September 14, 2006
Reviewed by: Jennifer

I used this tape before a major, complicated abdominal surgery, and my procedure surpassed all expectations for ease and success. My surgeon couldn't believe how little bleeding there was, and how smoothly it all went. He allowed me to listen to the tape throughout the procedure - and I had my reiki practitioner also doing distance healing. I have since recommended it to several friends - it made all the difference for me.

Successful Surgery    August 22, 2006
Reviewed by: shary hyman

i had a abdominal hysterectomy a few weeks ago and am amazed at how much listenting to this tape helped. i was so relaxed in the hospital before surgery(which lasted 2.5 hours) and have recovered incredibly fast and easily. my doctors were amazed. i attribute a lot of the comfort and ease with which i went through this to my listening daily for 2 weeks before surgery.i have recommended this tape to many of my therapist friends and people in genera. it is an awesome tool to help every person going through surgery.

Successful Surgery - Health Journeys    July 31, 2006
Reviewed by: Tracy Rogers

I purchased this CD a little less than a month before I underwent a fairly major operation with some potential for complications in August of 2005. I listened to the CD at home before my surgery, at the hospital in the three days immediately following my surgery, and then at home during recovery. I was not able to listen to the music track during surgery though. My surgeon was not familiar with guided visual imagery, but was all for whatever I felt might help. I have done GVI for relaxation purposes in the past, and was open to trying it for a specific purpose. I figured if nothing else, it would help calm my fears about surgery and pain and potential complications. According to my surgeon, the operation went better than expected, I had almost no bleeding, my vital signs were very stable, and I was out of the ER more than an hour earlier than expected. I woke very gently in the recovery room, and was out of the hospital a couple days before it was thought I would be ready to leave. I healed very fast with no complications and minimal pain and stress. My surgeon said that my experience surpassed his greatest expectations. That I was a "star patient" as far as how smoothly my surgery went and how fast and uneventful my recovery period was.