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In-Vitro Fertilization In-Vitro Fertilization
by Jennifer R Bloome

The guided exercises on this program are highly targeted and specific to helping with the different phases of IVF treatment - Bloome knows this process well, and understands what people need during it. She starts with Hitting Your Mark from Shots to Retrieval; then Rest & Rejuvenate, from Retrieval to Transfer; then Baby’s Sweet Spot: from Transfer to Implantation (week 1 of the 2-week wait); and then The Waiting Game: from Implantation to Pregnancy Test (week 2 of the 2 week wait). For those who are looking for informed, reassuring, step-by-step guidance, this is for you. 77 minutes

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Help With Fertility - Health Journeys 

This set of four exercises was created to address a full range of issues and goals. The program reinforces self-esteem and relaxes mind and body with guided imagery to envision successful fertilization, inside or outside the body; calming, restorative affirmations; imagery to help with the ups and downs of daunting medical procedures; and imagery to assist with grief, resolution and reclaiming one’s life.
This audio was previously titled Help for Infertility. (75 min.)
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Fertility Yoga 

In this stellar, easy-to-follow, 50 minute therapeutic yoga session, gifted master-instructor, Monica Morell, uses her appealing, inspiring, clear teaching style to lead you through a series of yoga poses designed to stimulate, energize and open hormonal and reproductive channels in the body. This program is also geared toward increasing trust and confidence in the body and the whole self. Simpler and more complex choices are offered throughout the practice to suit the needs of beginners and intermediates alike, and wise cautions appear where necessary. This is a gem of a resource, perfect for anyone struggling with fertility issues.
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Meditations for a Fertile Soul 

The ideas and guided exercises on this audio program are based on Qi Gong and Taoist principles, encouraging the listener to focus on energy flow throughout the body, accept the body and release negative ideas and comments from others. Bloome really knows this terrain inside and out, and targets her imagery wisely. Although there are a couple of places that we found a bit prescriptive, many will appreciate her approach. The meditations on new hope, finding stillness and opening the heart are first rate, and her voice is terrific. 76 minutes
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