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Relieve Stress - Health Journeys Relieve Stress - Health Journeys
by Belleruth Naparstek

I combine 4 exercises on this 2 CD program: imagery for mastering anxiety; guided imagery to pump up feelings of love, safety and protection; a soothing, walking meditation for the fidgeters among us who can’t sit still; and affirmations for use anytime. (72 min.)

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Relaxation & Wellness - Health Journeys 

This guided imagery is for facing any stressful situation, to help with general anxiety, or to just promote feelings of peace, balance and optimism. The images heighten feelings of love and safety, pump up serotonin and promote an energized calm.

It is also the first half of a research-proven imagery protocol for posttraumatic stress, which yielded dramatic outcomes for survivors of trauma. (The second half was our Healing Trauma imagery.)
(38 min.)
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Ten-Minute Stress Manager 

If you desperately need relaxation but don't think you have time for it, this little gem is for you. Two ten-minute segments of Emmett's expert guidance provide the tools to quickly relieve tension and focus on positive outcomes while maintaining peace and balance. (20 minutes)
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Tranquilities - For Persons Experiencing Stress 

After searching for sophisticated, well-produced, Bible-based imagery for a very long time, I finally found Rev. Shenk’s and Dr. Miller’s exquisite work. Five theme-based CDs for stress reduction are each built around a core, stress-related issue, with specific environmental sounds, images, an organ softly playing hymns in the background, and authentic aromatherapy oils as part of the experience. Of course, there’s an exquisite section of scripture at the heart of each narrative, usually from Psalms, inclusive enough to appeal to both Christians and Jews. Another unique feature: alternate narration by both Bob and Donna, for some extra balance between yin and yang. A very unique, creative and inspired series! 5 CDs and five aromatherapy oils. Refill oils available -item #5201
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A Moment's Peace: Reducing Stress and Creating Balance through Guided Visualization 

This relaxing and revitalizing set of three simple, direct, easy-to-follow, guided imagery exercises is as effective as it is delightful and pleasing. Tracy provides clear, confident, helpful directions and pointers in her introductions, then guides the listener with her soft, pleasing voice in practices such as belly-breathing, imagery, and affirmations. Her voice is soothing, but it also has a unique, uplifting quality - energized and young – that has great appeal - a high-quality program that won’t get stale.
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Customer Reviews

Relieve Stress    August 07, 2012
Reviewed by: Jane, TEAP

This has been very effective in working with my groups - aged 16 to 24.

Relieve Stress    April 30, 2012
Reviewed by: Elizabeth

Great overall product that has really helped me, especially in relaxing enough to get a great night's sleep. Recently used it before having a tooth extracted and the product was key in helping me dramatically lower my anxiety and stress level before and during the procedure (had headphones on and played the imagery during the procedure). Thank you, thank you, thank you! I highly recommend!

Relieve Stress    May 01, 2007
Reviewed by: Carol

A friend let me borrow their copy to help my recovery from a recent surgery. I never expected it to be so effective so quickly. I'm ordering a copy for myself as the effect is more profound each time I listen, I want to return her copy. I'm definately sold on, and grateful for, the concept of guided imagery.

Relieve Stress    September 08, 2006
Reviewed by: Tammy

One of the most powerful tools I have to ease anxiety and melt away stress! I love this CD. I've used all 4 exercises. The affirmations help the most because, even when I'm too stressed to do guided imagery, I can listen to them while doing something benign. Also the walking meditation is helpful when I just can't sit still! I can't thank Bellaruth enough!