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Relaxation & Wellness - Health Journeys Relaxation & Wellness - Health Journeys
by Belleruth Naparstek

This guided imagery is for facing any stressful situation, to help with general anxiety, or to just promote feelings of peace, balance and optimism. The images heighten feelings of love and safety, pump up serotonin and promote an energized calm.

It is also the first half of a research-proven imagery protocol for posttraumatic stress, which yielded dramatic outcomes for survivors of trauma. (The second half was our Healing Trauma imagery.)
(38 min.)

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Customer Reviews

Relaxation & Wellness    March 26, 2011
Reviewed by: RN

Downloaded the MP3. A fast & easy download. This is such a beautiful & amazingly comforting CD. Belleruth has such a gift to comfort others. I am thankful for having this wonderful aid.

Relaxation & Wellness    July 05, 2010
Reviewed by: Dr. Dan Wolk

This guided imagery was invaluable to me when I faced cancer. I recommend it to patients and loved ones alike.

Wow!    December 19, 2006
Reviewed by: Yvonne Eriksen

The sample stopped my panic attack. My fash felt hot, I was sweating, I felt like I couldn't breath even though I was breathing fine. I listened to the sample and woke up with no more panic --just lingering fear.

Mme.    November 29, 2006
Reviewed by: Carol

Dr. Naperstek's voice, her carefully considered language and the inspired guided imagery have helped to change me into a positive, happy person. I carry the CD with me when I travel, like a Teddy bear, to bolster me and keep me centered. It's also an anchor for my successfull weight-loss program, the best CD of which is also by Dr. Naperstek.

Relaxation and Wellness    July 27, 2006
Reviewed by: Donna

This CD has been the most amazing and spiritual experience of my life. It has helped me through a challenge, and I feel personally I wouldn't have made it through this challenge if I hadn't had this CD.