A Meditation to Help You With Chemotherapy

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by Belleruth Naparstek

This guided meditation to accompany chemotherapy treatment is designed to reduce the side effects of chemo, such as nausea, vomiting, mouth sores and fatigue, and offer a counter-balance to fear and anxiety.

The immersive, hypnotic, calming guided imagery and affirmations on this program provide a sense of control and mastery during a difficult time. Words and music combine to put chemo treatment in a more positive light, offering the central image of a lovely fountain of healing liquid, cleansing and clearing the body, and helping the body’s own natural defense system do its work.

Additional suggestions of being surrounded by loving supporters and caring guardians lift the spirit and create a sense of protection and support, also helpful for boosting immune functioning and generating hope and emotional resilience.

Scored by the powerful, inspiring music of Steven Mark Kohn, this guided meditation keeps emotional resilience and resourcefulness alive and well during a stressful time.

Affirmations offer briefer versions of empowering images and ideas, for those who prefer their mind-body tools in smaller doses.

Listen to a sample and see how listening to this guided meditation can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy treatment and create a more positive, supportive and hopeful context for chemo treatment.

(41 min.)

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  1. Chemotherapy - Health Journeys