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  1. Dancing in the Light by Lynne Newman

Dancing in the Light

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10 reviews
5.0 out of 5

by Lynne Newman

Lynne Newman’s profoundly healing imagery and authentically loving voice comes from a place of deep spiritual centeredness, and has gotten many grateful listeners through some very dark nights of the soul and into the light, simply through repeated u...

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Product Reviews

  1. 5.0 out of 5


    This guided meditation is one of the best I've heard. Very calming and full of images that will stay with you long after. I love it!

  2. 5.0 out of 5

    Richard Lund

    Lynne has a wonderful way of not only making you feel loved but also getting you to feel loved and strong by yourself. She uses strong but gentle imagery all through the CD, but the dancing around the fire part has touched me the strongest. That image alone was powerful and inspiring enough to keep me energized for quite a while. And then my wife found out that Lynne creates custom meditations for people, and since my wife was so inspired by hers, I decided on the spot to have a session with Lynne myself. Her compassion, love, and insight were the most beautiful gift, and it lifted me into a higher state of being. All the time, she was actually talking about me. She was not addressing things that could in some way apply to anyone, but she hit spots that reached me personally. She created a very strong connection that completely renewed and charged my sense of self worth again, and it came at the perfect time when I wasn't feeling so hot about myself. After the session, I was more excited about life and myself than I had been in months. It left me feeling that I can take on any challenge life might present to me. It was no coincidence that this happened to me right now when I needed it most, and I will keep the CD nearby for whenever I need another recharge and another dose of believing in myself.

  3. 5.0 out of 5

    Cassie Lund

    I love this CD! I come back to Dancing in the Light time and again because it is so compassionate, so uplifting, so healing and positive. I am in such a good space after working with this meditation. Recently I had the opportunity to work with Lynne Newman. Besides the CDs that she creates for everyone she will also make a personalized CD specifically for you. I am finding the CD that she made for me to be just as powerful as her studio recorded ones. It is designed to address just what I need, right here and now, and it is recorded with the same uplifting music as Dancing in the Light. Not being recorded in a studio made very little difference. It is still fantastic and clear and meaningful. And Lynne is just as warm and kind in person as she comes across in her CDs. I loved the whole experience so much that my husband decided to do it too. As I told Lynne, he looked downright pretty after working with her with all that positive energy flowing out of him! He, too, was glad for the experience and for having a CD that specifically addressed to him. It was a fantastic experience for both of us. I can even imagine going back in time to get a new version of her personal CD as old things heal and new things arise. I am sure we will still be picking up some more of her CD's from here as well but I wouldn't trade either of them, not the ones from here nor the one made just for me. They are both great and worthwhile experiences in their own way.

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