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  1. Guided Meditations for Busy People by Bodhipaksa

Guided Meditations for Busy People

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5.0 out of 5

by Bodhipaksa

These nine guided exercises average about 8 minutes apiece and they are all wonderful in their brief, targeted way. If you want to check this man’s work out, but have limited time and resources, start with this. Especially affecting are the meditati...

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  1. 5.0 out of 5


    I started listening to this CD a few years ago- it's my favorite meditation CD (and I've listened to a lot of them)! If I only have a few minutes I can easily listen to just one track, so it really is great for busy people. Sometimes even when I'm not busy, I find the prospect of a brief guided meditation session far more appealing than a long one- it can feel more do-able somehow. So, this CD is perfect for that. When I get started with one, if I have time, I usually do listen to several tracks (or all, if I'm lucky) and although they're each a different topic, they flow together seamlessly. His voice is very soothing and pleasant, and the imagery makes me feel so peaceful and serene. I did have to get used to the lack of background music, because initially I'd get so relaxed that after any moments of silence, I'd startle whenever his voice resumed speaking. But I got used to it, no longer startle, and now I really enjoy the voice-only recording. It's described as Buddhist but you don't need to be Buddhist to appreciate this CD. It can be used for general stress reduction, help in relaxation breathing, and for me I found it inspired a sense of expansive well-being. Excellent quality.

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