Heal Your Emotional Heart

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by Belleruth Naparstek and Emmett Miller MD

Heal Your Emotional Heart, is for attending to the emotional wear and tear on the heart, which can be especially hard on people around Valentine’s Day, with all the lovey-dovey promo going on everywhere. So for those burdened with some heartache, we’ve assembled two of Belleruth’s most powerful bestsellers, Heartbreak, Abandonment & Betrayal, teamed up with Anger & Forgiveness; and Emmett Miller’s brilliant Accepting Change and Moving On. Send this gift pack to friends in need and we promise they’ll be in a far better place after immersion in these profoundly healing tracks. Packed in a beautiful white bag with a red ribbon, these would normally sell at $52.91 retail, but are now priced at $37.95, a $14 discount.

For our gift pack to Heal Your Physical Heart, click here.

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