A Meditation to Help You Improve Self-Confidence and Reach Peak Performance

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by Belleruth Naparstek

This guided meditation for improving self-confidence and self-esteem allows the listener to rehearse potentially stressful activities and envision success, banishing stress, strain and fear of failure and creating instead an energized, calm sense of mastery and flow.

The cumulative effect of daily listening to this program of guided imagery and affirmations results in a wonderful lesson in how to gain self-confidence and improve self-esteem, sense of worth and ability to focus on the strength that lies within.

It also provides "mental rehearsal", which has been shown in a spate of recent research to significantly improve performance at work, sports, test-taking, public speaking, auditions, social engagements and other potentially anxiety producing activities.

Affirmations offer briefer versions of these empowering images and ideas, for those who prefer their mind-body tools in smaller doses.

Scored by the powerful, inspiring music of Steven Mark Kohn, this meditation shows ways to increase self-esteem and build self-confidence in the pleasantest of ways.

Listen to a sample and see why this program is such a popular, word-of-mouth favorite and so heartily recommended by therapists, counselors, health care professionals and life coaches nationwide.
47 Min.

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4 reviews for A Meditation to Help You Improve Self-Confidence and Reach Peak Performance

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  1. 5.0 out of 5


    I recently purchased this CD at my doctor's office. It has made a significant difference in my life in just a few days. I feel more confident about recent life altering decisions I'm facing. I've shared my experience with my co-workers. They are all looking into the guided imagery experience to help with their personal challenges. Many of us are part of the active and retired military community and work for the DoD. It was a comforting surprise to see the military affiliation with Healthjourneys. Thank you

  2. 5.0 out of 5


    This meditation gets better and better every time I listen to it. I am experiencing a meaningful and profound change in my life and I know the meditation is a contributor.

  3. 5.0 out of 5


    This was wonderful and very helpful when attempting something challenging or new.

  4. 5.0 out of 5


    Great presentation, smart and very inspiring. Beautiful music. Thanks....MGtheguitarwhisperer

Audio Samples

  1. Improve Self Confidence

    This guided imagery mini-treatment buttresses confidence and allows you to rehearse a successful outcome by putting you in touch with the inner experience of relaxed but energized performance, and the sense of being surrounded by encouragement and support. Close your eyes and listen off and on during the day, or whenever you feel you need to. Playing time:4:01