Tranquilities - For Persons Experiencing Stress

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by Donna Shenk and Robert Miller, ND

After searching for sophisticated, well-produced, Bible-based imagery for a very long time, I finally found Rev. Shenk’s and Dr. Miller’s exquisite work. Five theme-based CDs for stress reduction are each built around a core, stress-related issue, with specific environmental sounds, images, an organ softly playing hymns in the background, and authentic aromatherapy oils as part of the experience. Of course, there’s an exquisite section of scripture at the heart of each narrative, usually from Psalms, inclusive enough to appeal to both Christians and Jews. Another unique feature: alternate narration by both Bob and Donna, for some extra balance between yin and yang. A very unique, creative and inspired series! 5 CDs and five aromatherapy oils. Refill oils available -item #5201

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