Welcome to Our Health Journeys Website.

For quite a while now we've had two separate websites: one is healthjourneys.com, our commercial site with our catalog, product descriptions and audio samples; and the other is BR's blog: belleruthnaparstek.com, sporting a lot of heavy duty content: research, Q & A's, inspiring stories and the like.

Now we're adding the healthjourneys blog, a whole new forum designed to:

  • Feature articles by many of our dazzling practitioners and authors
  • Make it easy for you to talk to each other, and our other practitioners - not just me;
  • Allow anyone on staff to weigh in, introduce themselves, poll you for ideas, and also share with you their observations, projects and plans.
  • Provide a forum for our Professional Program members to support each other and learn from end-users about the best ways to use guided imagery and provide optimal care.

So check it out when you have a minute, and let us know what you think. Click on Follow Our Blogs in the Nav bar above and it's right there in the dropdown menu.

The rest is pretty much what you're used to. You can still find research, archived by method or by health topic. And the search engine will still pull together everything we've got about a disease or wellness area you're curious about. You can now enter "stress" or "diabetes" or "headaches" or "surgery" into the search box, and, presto change-o!! - you get all the Q & A's. research, stories, programs, updates, practitioners on that topic in a google-like trice. And you can even ask for the search to be ordered by most recent, most popular, etc etc.

Please look around. Tell us what you like, and what you don't. We'll keep tweaking and fixing. By now you've probably noticed that we actually pay attention to what you say.

Again, many thanks to. Dave Buchmueller of emediacy.net for continuing to create and design for us. He's a talented guy and nice, too.

OK, look around, enjoy, and talk to us!


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