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Self-Esteem Pack

Self-Esteem Pack by Traci Stein, PhD

This dynamic duo of titles by Traci Stein work together, during waking hours and while asleep, to foster and sustain healthy self-regard and self-worth.

Healthy Self-Esteem features two guided exercises - a short version and a long one, as well as a track of brief, powerful affirmations, combining Traci’s guided imagery and hypnotic techniques to help release self-doubt; cultivate feelings of personal mastery; envision a more empowered future self; and encourage present moment self-acceptance - all while embracing positive change.

When used in conjunction with Self-Esteem during Sleep even deeper work can be catalyzed, providing potent hypnotic imagery specifically designed to encourage a stronger, more confident and healthy sense of self-worth, while dropping the listener into a state of deeply restorative sleep. Especially helpful for those whose Inner Critic tends to interfere with positive change in the waking state.

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Overwhelmed No More

Overwhelmed No More by Andrew Weil, MD ...

For the overwhelmed and overloaded, it’s best to start by being centered. This pack of simple practices can quickly help you tune out noise and stimulation, and drive awareness inward to the stillness at your peaceful center. Any of the six, brief meditations on Belleruth’s Guided Imagery Mix can provide quick access to a relaxed, healing mind state. Add mindfulness breathing with Andrew Weil’s Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing (contains two CDs and a study guide). Continue on your inward journey with Bodhipaksa’s Meditations for Calmness, Awareness & Love, which includes the five stages of loving kindness and a 20-minute walking meditation. Top it off with Aura Cacia’s wonderfully soothing lavender oil. All this tranquility for just $49.95, a savings of more than $20 over the regular price of $70.17. Optional: our fabulous Mother Earth Comfort Pack Pillow, which can be heated or chilled to your preference. By ordering item # 9650 you can add the pillow to your kit for just $59.95, a savings of more than $26 over the $86.17 regular price.

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From the Health Journeys Blogs


Adrianne Haslet-Davis, the dancer who lost part of one leg in the Boston Marathon bombings, walked off the set of Meet the Press just before the show aired, because producers reneged on their promise to not mention of bombers' name...
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A woman writes that she feels just the opposite of the person who avoids rejection by avoiding people. She says she's TOO outgoing and turns off people by being too in the middle of everything...
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In a multi-site, randomized, controlled trial, researchers from the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, compared mindfulness-based cancer recovery with supportive-expressive group therapy on 271 stressed breast cancer survivors….
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"We work to help care for him, we love him in new ways, we miss loving him in old ways and, in the back of our minds, we prepare for the eventuality of his loss…."
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Five De-stress Tricks You Can Try Right Now
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New Products

A Guided Meditation to Help with Concentration, Focus & Learning (Including ADD, ADHD, & LD)

A Guided Meditation to Help with Concentration,
Focus & Learning (Including ADD, ADHD, & LD)by Belleruth Naparstek

Guided imagery designed to help marshal the coherent, focused energy needed to reach an intended goal; increase the ability to concentrate and complete tasks; ramp up organized planning for greater efficiency and effectiveness; boost capacity for patience, calm and inner quiet; and enhance self-esteem and feelings of mastery. With affirmations. 47 Min.

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Focus and Finish Kit

Focus and Finish Kitby Belleruth Naparstek ...

This is a sensational combo for people who are driving themselves a little nuts trying to kick-start sustained effort and focus. The combination of these two audio programs creates a kind of super-functional team, great for a gift or for personal use. Dr. Traci Stein’s Overcoming Procrastination is designed to help procrastinators get past the road blocks and get started by putting the most effective parts of their brains in the driver’s seat. Pair this with Belleruth’s Concentration, Focus and Learning, which helps listeners marshal the coherent forces necessary to reach an intended goal (also designed to help with ADD/ ADHD and LD), and you have a dynamic duo that will help you start the race, sustain your pace and reach the finish line. Terrific for teens and adults alike.

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Audio Spa

This week's Spa Treatment:  Relaxation & Wellness by Belleruth Naparstek

We offer a new Audio Spa Treatment every Monday morning. Put your feet up, close your eyes, and refresh yourself for a few minutes! Enjoy this week's Spa Treatment: Relaxation & Wellness by Belleruth Naparstek .