Health Journeys Professional Program

Otherwise, Read On about Our Health Journeys Professional Program Discounts and Wholesale Meditation Audio Products

In addition to selling directly to customers, we offer our Health Journeys professional program discounts to clinicians who like to augment their treatment approach with guided imagery, hypnosis, simple relaxation or other wholesale meditation audio products. We’ve been at this since 1990, and over the years have built up a trusted corps of thousands of health care providers, mental health professionals, massage therapists, and life coaches, who hand off our materials to their appreciative patients.

We also have a long tradition of private labeling and offering bulk sales of our wholesale meditation CDs and downloads to hospitals, health plans and pharmas, as well as to the V.A. and scores of military installations. We can show you how our materials will support your mission, reduce your cost and enhance patient satisfaction.

And finally, since 1997, we’ve been building web pages for various organizations’ websites, so they can deliver podcasts of our audio resources for streaming or download, 24/7, to their subscribers, patients, members or customers.

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