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To Heal Your Body;
It Helps to Use Your Head.

You never get the same moment twice, so make this your moment to set the best intentions.

Guided Imagery and Meditation offer simple but powerful ways to alleviate distress, reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep, lose weight, and provide a sense of mastery and confidence.

With over 40 years of proven effectiveness, guided imagery has been validated by research to:

  • Improve your Mood - Take control to relieve stress and freshen your outlook
  • Heal your Body - Help your body fight disease; while reducing symptoms and side effects of treatment
  • Reach your Goals – Find your stride and enhance your academic, athletic, or job performance

The foundation for meaningful moments begins with a healthy mind and body.

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“This meditation has made me more relaxed as I go about my daily life. It has made me more comfortable with myself and more joyful. It is about physical and psychic well-being. Highly recommended even if you have not had pain or other physical problems recently.” – Amy Perry

“Effective weight loss means more exercise or less food or both. This won't do that. But it will give motivation to make better decisions. I found myself at a restaurant, and did not (for once) go hog wild and stuff myself to the point of being uncomfortable. Don't expect a miracle, but do expect it will change your motivation eventually. I also think it lets me sleep more soundly.” –R. Pagot

“During a great time of turmoil including radiation therapy, loss of job stress, with a history or anxiety and panic attacks including medications tried, this has literally saved me. You have to keep working at it-listen until you can do the techniques on your own when you're experiencing anxiety or panic. It also has helped with sleeping problems. The great thing is you can practice the techniques anywhere, anyplace, any time you feel anxiety without being obvious, but it requires little effort.” - Mary

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