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Amy Bluhm – Depression, Panic Attacks

I am a 41-yr-old homeschool mom and yoga teacher from Milwaukee, WI.

About 10 years ago, I was in the middle of writing my dissertation and was just really feeling depleted. A sort of depression has settled in, and I asked my friend, Ann Williams, a diabetes educator, now on the faculty at Case Western, for some help with supplements.

She said "Can I suggest something different? How about guided imagery?" She then led me to Health Journeys.

She had another great tip before I got started: "Check out one of Belleruth's CDs from the library and listen to it. If someone's going to be whispering in your ear, it's good to know that you like the voice."

I did that and then purchased the Relieve Stress kit for myself. I have listened to "Peaceful Perspective" more days than not since then. I have also worked with Transforming Anxiety, all of the pregnancy and childbirth imagery through my third pregnancy, the Healthful Sleep imagery and the surgery imagery (for back surgery in 2012 - total success! One week healing time!).

Two really significant developments have come more recently. 6 years ago, I became a yoga teacher. And the single biggest influence on my work is the techniques I have learned listening to Belleruth's imagery. My students could probably identify with a laugh many phrases which I insert into my classes: "Allow your hands to find a gesture of comfort" "Breathe into a space that feels heavy or sore and breathing out, let it release", etc, etc. So much influence, I'm sure I'm not even aware of it all.

The second development is more personal. Over the years, I have had an ongoing struggle to heal from a history of abuse and the PTSD, particularly the somatic flashbacks which have worsened in recent years.

I have used the guided imagery for panic, just to make it through the most acute moments, as a lifeline, really. I don't know how I would have made it through some of those intensely painful experiences without my i-pod and my earbuds and Belleruth's voice in my ears, bringing me back to my body and breath, slowly inviting me to return to a feeling of safety.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am still healing. I also use the Depression Imagery which I find so very, very lovely - not just good - for depression!

This is a start. I don't think I can fully communicate how much this has been a part of my life and I can't believe it has taken me this long to reach out - so thanks also for the invitation to submit this.

About my work, I always say "Healing the world, one yoga circle at a time." You folks are healing the world one imagery journey at a time... deeply, deeply important work.

Much love and gratitude,

Amy Colwell Bluhm, Ph.D., RYT

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