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Emily Page – Student Stress; Severe Nausea During Pregnancy

Dear Belleruth,

I first discovered guided imagery when I was the Director of the Wellness Center at Rice University in Houston.

I was looking for resources to help our students increase resiliency through positive coping techniques. Though I knew that "meditation" was generally thought to be an effective way to help manage distress, I was skeptical about how to design and implement a program that our students would find interesting and valuable.

When I purchased some of the Health Journeys audio CDs and shared them with our students, it was clear to me that guided imagery could be of genuine help for many young adults who are feeling overwhelmed, lonely or lacking confidence.

Personally, I have also benefitted from guided imagery. When I was pregnant with my son, I had EXTREME nausea. I listened to the Healthy Pregnancy CD and it really helped me deal with the early pregnancy symptoms.

In fact, I remember a specific morning when I just felt horrible - sick, fatigued, overwhelmed and unsure if I would be able to be a good mom. I sat down in our office chair and popped in the CD.

Breathing through my tears, I felt a real sense of calm wash over me. The nausea subsided and my attitude improved. I felt more confident that I would get through those difficult months and was more mindful of the wonderful gift I was carrying inside me.

I have since shared that CD with my sister and friends. Much easier and healthier than taking prescription drugs!

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