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A Guided Meditation for Releasing Shame; Embracing Self-Worth

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This powerful meditation by iconic mind-body pioneer Emmett Miller guides the listener to a deep and powerful liberation from long-held feelings of worthlessness and shame, while recapturing lost feelings of love, gratitude, and value.

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This powerful meditation by iconic mind-body pioneer Emmett Miller MD, guides the listener to a powerful, inspired journey of liberation from any feelings of self-doubt, fear, mortification or shame, through capturing forgotten feelings of a young child's lovability, freedom, spontaneity, self-acceptance, and joy of self-expression.  

He manages to do this brilliantly and organically, and he captures the essence of the ideas and images in this powerfully felt imaginal journey with a second track of pitch-perfect, deeply resonating affirmations. This audio may qualify as Dr. Miller’s most divinely inspired work to date – a wonderfully rich and deep healing experience that will change hearts, minds, and lives. (44 mins.)

Track Information

Introduction (3:50)
Guided Imagery (21:33)
Affirmations (17:48)

More Information

Emmett Miller MD is a leading guided imagery and hypnosis pioneer, known for his masterful, hypnotic meditations that catalyze a deep receptivity to healing, growth and change. His powerful, soothing voice and evocative, psychologically sophisticated imagery are considered a gold standard in the field of mind-body medicine.

Author Emmett Miller MD
Item Number 22037203
Sample 1 Shame Affirmations Sample Updated.mp3
Sample 2 Shame Imagery Sample Updated.mp3
ISBN 978-1-952287-40-4
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