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Smoke No More: A Strategy for Cutting Down and Quitting

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By the time psychiatrist Emmett Miller is done guiding you through this 2-part audio, you'll be running as fast as you can from your cigarettes. Instead, you'll have a healthy substitute in the powerful relaxation and self-hypnosis skills he provides, enabling you to quit or cut down.


Gree yourself from smoking, once and for all, by going to the source of addiction. Develop a clear, positive image of your goals, teach your mind to reject smoking and choose healthier alternatives, eliminate the desire to smoke, and manage the stress of cutting down or quitting. Deep relaxation relieves you of the craving, while image visualization helps you replace smoking with a more positive and adaptive behavior. These powerful tools really work! And they can be used in conjunction with nicotine gum or patches, as well as with group programs or individual counseling.

Disc 1

  1. Strengthening Your Motivation 24:15
  2. Stress Reduction 22:14

Disc 2

  1. Distancing the Urge 23:28
  2. Rewarding Your Progress 23:08

(93 minutes)

Item Number: 23307330

More Information
Item Number 23307330
Author Emmett Miller MD
Sample 1 EMMETT MILLER smoke no more smpl.mp3

Emmett Miller MD is a leading guided imagery and hypnosis pioneer, known for his masterful, hypnotic meditations that catalyze a deep receptivity to healing, growth and change. His powerful, soothing voice and evocative, psychologically sophisticated imagery are considered a gold standard in the field of mind-body medicine.

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