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Perfect Pressure, Healthy Heart

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Perfect Pressure Healthy Heart SMPL

Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Carol Ginandes provides you with an inner toolkit to help you regulate your blood pressure over time. This audio is a comprehensive, six-session training program packed with hypnotic suggestions and guided inner exercises to teach you how to diminish your stress response, downshift into a state of comfort and ease, and normalize your blood pressure. Use the program along with medical treatment and healthy lifestyle changes to help offset the significant medical risks associated with hypertension.


Created by master hypnotherapist/ health psychologist, Dr. Carol Ginandes, Perfect Pressure, Healthy Heart: A Systematic Approach – For High Blood Pressure will give you an array of cutting- edge, mind/body skills you can truly use every day. These are skills that will enable you to downshift internally, elicit a physiologically relaxed state, lower your stress response, feel calm and balanced, and reset your blood pressure into the more normal range. And you will also learn how to utilize powerful inner suggestions that will help you establish and maintain these desirable health changes from now on- for the long run!

The program has been designed to work seamlessly along with medical consultation, medication, and the healthy lifestyle changes needed to regulate your blood pressure.

Although it was designed for people diagnosed with hypertension, the program may also be useful for anyone seeking to feel better, and to cultivate overall wellbeing of body and mind.

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Item Number 7PerfPress
Author Carol Ginandes, PhD

Carol Ginandes is a health psychologist, researcher and teacher, whose clinical practice integrates hypnosis with psychotherapy and behavioral medicine, to help clients with a variety of mind/body challenges. She is also a visual artist and photographer whose work can be found at

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