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Music from Health Journeys™

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This audio of healing meditation music by Health Journeys gifted composer, Steven Mark Kohn, comes from two of his most beloved and appreciated scores. 


This audio of healing meditation music by Health Journeys™’ gifted composer, Steven Mark Kohn, comes from two of his most beloved and appreciated scores. The first piece is the same mellow, relaxing meditation music that scores our guided imagery recordings for stress relief, relaxation & wellness and other perennial favorites. The long, lovely harp chords for slowing and deepening the breath make for truly calming and soothing music. This piece has a long history of being used by therapists and instructors as a favorite accompaniment for yoga, guided meditation and hypnosis. It is also ideal background music to play while working at the computer or doing chores - supportive, relaxing and mood brightening, without interfering with focus and productivity. Some people listen in order to lower their heart rate and blood pressure.

The second track is Steve’s more complex motivational music that scores our imagery for behavior change - weight loss, smoking cessation and recovery from addiction. It begins as soothing meditation music - very lovely, heartfelt and immersive - but morphs into an energizing, empowering score that strengthens intention, courage and sense of mastery. Listen to our samples and see why this healing meditation music is such a long-time popular choice of so many therapists, meditation instructors and end-users. (55 min.)

ISBN: 9781881405191

Item Number: 21317131

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Item Number 21317131
Author Steven Mark Kohn
Sample 1 HJ smpl Music for Energy Motivation.mp3

Steven Mark Kohn is the composer and musician who scores all our guided imagery, creating several musical pieces to fit our wide-ranging topics. We now offer three different albums of just his music, because people love to work, meditate, think, relax or just listen to them.  He is on the faculty of the Cleveland Institute of Music as Director of their electronic music studio.  

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