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Performance in Baseball

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Performance in Baseball engages the power of the imagination to guide mind and body towards improved hitting, pitching, fielding and concentration.

This Baseball Performance Audio will help you achieve better and faster results by incorporating positive thought patterns into your practice.  As you prepare for an important game, you will learn to stay centered and relaxed. You will also experience an increase in your attention span enabling you to concentrate for longer periods of time. Focusing and staying in the moment, as opposed to jumping head even a split second, will become second nature to you.

Also, by enhancing your love of baseball, your overall attitude will significantly improve. You will feel your body moving freely as you swing and see yourself hitting ball after ball. Through visualization practice, you will easliy and naturally learn how to transfer those same actions to your game.

1. Introduction (0:51)

2. Hitting Visualization (9:16)

3. Affirmations (3:56)

4. Relaxation (0:35)

5. Baseball Play Visualization (11:22)

6. Affirmations (3:51)

Doyle Baseball Schools calls this tape the best mental training tape for baseball or softball. Recommended for ages 10 and up. (appx. 30 min.)

Author Bio
Author Linda LeClaire
Sample 1 SMPL CID52 Visual Eyes Performance in Baseball.mp3

Linda LeClaire is a sports coach, mental imagery and hypnotherapy specialist, and President of Peak Performance Training, where she helps professional and amateur athletes improve their game.  

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