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Weight Loss & Self-Improvement: Affirmation Learning Program

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This is an MP3 download of affirmations, designed to engender new attitudes, feelings, perceptions and beliefs about healthy eating; exercise, and helping promote an overall healthier you.




This is a self-improvement program for building more self confidence, self-esteem, and increasing you chances of success through affirmations and self-talk. This program is designed to make it easier and more likely to accomplish things in your life and to feel better while you do it.

Affirmations and self-talk are the types of thinking that we would like going through our head every day. These are the types of things that often go through the minds of the most successful people who have achieved a lot and will achieve more. It's how we would like to be talked to by an honest, insightful, wise, loving, caring, and motivating coach who was working for our success and happiness. It's also the way we would like to coach ourselves to get the most progress towards our goals.

Track 1 is an introduction to the program.

Track 2 is a Subliminal Learning Program. This portion of the program acts as your personal coach. It teaches you to use positive affirmations and self-talk while dealing with the stress of daily life.

Track 3 is a Sleep-Learning Program. It's made for you to go to sleep while it plays. It can also be use for napping, dosing, deep relaxation, or meditation.

Item Number: 7381

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Item Number 7381
Author David Illig
Sample 1 DAVID ILLIG Weight Loss and Self Improvement Sample.mp3

David Illig PhD is a licensed Psychologist and Ericksonian hypnotherapist, whose mission is to inspire and facilitate self-improvement through his  SuccessWorld audio programs, which blend sophisticated wording with hemi-sync musical tones and positive subliminal messages.

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