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Sexual Intimacy: Relaxation and Imagery to Enrich the Experience of Making Love

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Hypnosis and guided imagery expert, Emmett Miller, teams up with his wife Sandra Miller, to offer a pair of gentle, sensitive and compassionate meditations for opening heart and body to the beauty of loving.

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Lovely music and imagery support the voices of Dr. Miller and his wife, Sandra Miller, as they provide gentle, compassionate guideance for openign your heart and body to the beauty of loving. Learn first to love and touch yourself from within, then to share that sensitive intimacy with another.

Valuable for treating symptoms of under-responsiveness, low self-confidence, fear, and premature ejaculation. Part 1 may be used alone; Part 2 is best used with a partner. The track list is as follows:

  • Imagery for Awakening Your Sexual Self (29:42)
  • Imagery for Making Love (29:19)

The experience of making love can be just that - more than merely physical, it can be a richly rewarding emotional, mental, and even spiritual experience. This is more than just "sex" it is truly "," a deep and direct communication of caring and pleasure, in which both partners feel satisfied, fulfilled, and complete. (59 minutes)

More Information

Emmett Miller MD is a leading guided imagery and hypnosis pioneer, known for his masterful, hypnotic meditations that catalyze a deep receptivity to healing, growth and change. His powerful, soothing voice and evocative, psychologically sophisticated imagery are considered a gold standard in the field of mind-body medicine.

Author Emmett Miller MD
Item Number 23347334
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