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17 May

15 May


Well, we had a strong year for producing fresh audios you’ve been asking for, and revitalizing and re-engineering some marvelous Golden Oldies – first-rate, evergreen, much-loved guided meditations by masters in the field, but recorded under outdated conditions. Check it out!

10 May

03 May


We're very pleased to finally be launching our new app. We've been working so long and hard on it, sometimes it's hard to believe the time has finally come!

03 May


For Mother’s Day this year, I want to celebrate moms in the spirit of Anne Taintor. You probably know who she is, even if you don’t recognize the name. Her work shows up on cocktail napkins and fridge magnets. As the copy says, she’s been busy “making smart people smile since 1985”.

03 May

It’s National Nurses Week and I want to say a couple of things.

26 Apr

Growing up in rural central Pennsylvania, I spent a lot of my childhood playing with my siblings and dog in the woods outside of our home. Since there is no shortage of deer and other wildlife in the area, my parents knew the precautions to take to prevent the transmission of tick-borne illnesses.

22 Apr

Dear Belleruth,

If you think of allergies (seasonal ones like mold or grasses) like PTSD, your body is reacting to something which is not a threat as if it is a threat.  Can hypnotherapy allow your body to realize this and stop overreacting?

12 Apr


Parkinson’s Disease gets mentioned a lot in April – it’s the month that highlights awareness of this challenging condition and its treatment. As with many neurodegenerative illnesses, there’s currently no “cure” - just ways to slow down its progress, build up compensatory strengths, alleviate symptoms, and improve quality of life.

05 Apr

For nearly 25 years, ever since my son built me a Health Journeys website as a birthday present in 1995, I’ve been searching the databases for new research on guided imagery – usually on a weekly basis.

At first it was a real fool’s errand, because there was so little there.

03 Apr

Dear BR,

I am working with a client who has a musical background and she said that she finds the music (that I love!!) on your Depression CD I loaned to her very irritating!! Do you have any CDs with no background music?

01 Apr

Belleruth, Hello.

We met at the Integrative Health conference in New York, at your beautiful presentation. I’m the physician who flew in from Pakistan. I hope you still remember me.

We had talked about a guided imagery audio by a husband and wife team to help with sexual intimacy, for a patient of mine who has a husband with no sexual drive. The husband has no problem with this situation and says he has always been this way. But my patient is troubled, saddened and angered by the situation. Can you remember which audio you mentioned to me? I would like to be able to suggest something to her that could possibly help.