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16 Jul


Greetings and happy mid-summer!

Last week we shared some Q & A’s – and we still have plenty more. But this week I thought I’d provide some newsy HJ news, some upcoming training opportunities, and some new research.

09 Jul


The questions and comments keep rolling in. It’s always good to get them, because they make clear what we haven’t been explaining well, or point out something we’ve articulated too flippantly, or highlight an important issue that was omitted in an answer… in other words, they set us straight and keep us on track. So thank you all for all of it.

Here are a few recent Q and A’s. No scoldings in this batch, but some great issues raised… on cancer, panic attacks, psoriasis, and our new app…

02 Jul


Holy cow. There’s so much going on around here, I don’t know where to start.

We seem to be popping out new platforms like gangbusters, in our everlasting quest to find easier, less pricey, and more adaptive ways to get our audios into the ears of those who need them.

26 Jun


We were able to answer some of the questions you sent our way about the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System, but some went way beyond our pay grade or expertise.

Those we sent to N.O.W.’s inventor/developer, Michael Joly, and we learned a lot from his gracious, thoughtful responses. It was very compelling to my Inner Geek, not to mention the co-residing Inner Mystic, and I thought you’d enjoy his answers, too.

21 Jun


A couple of summers ago, I was asked to do a favor for a friend of a friend, and test out a couple of speakers that delivered random tones, designed to calm and center the listener in 3 minutes or less. It was pitched to me as a free ride to a meditative state at lightning speed.

Needless to say, I was skeptical.

17 Jun


Here’s a wonderful example of how one man’s intuitively based, spontaneous imagery healed his past and helped him dramatically with what had been his difficulty making decisions.

Actually, I’ve heard a lot of stories like this one, especially when I was working on my second book, Your Sixth Sense, which was on intuition and imagery.  

I love Wolf’s story – it’s fresh, altogether inspired and ingeniously healing. The best stuff can just pop like this into people’s heads from their innermost, smartest self...or perhaps from someplace way smarter than that.  

11 Jun


Here’s to all the fathers out there, juggling love and work, to do their best for their kids.  Chances are, they’re more actively involved with their children’s lives than their own fathers were with theirs.  Happy Father’s Day to all of them! 

03 Jun


So, what is a Playaway, anyway? We get this question at least a couple times a week, sometimes a lot more.

30 May

Dear Belleruth,

I attended a PTSD workshop of yours. I’m wondering how one can interpret the symbols that may appear during an imagery exercise. For example, in one guided imagery exercise, you asked us to imagine someone or something giving us a present. So, a black stone in a little box was my gift.  How can I know what that may mean? Or is it always highly personal? Are there resources you can suggest?

30 May

My father has suffered from dementia for years. He no longer has clarity in his mind and does not recognize me or my brother. He lives in a special care facility where he gets good care.

The staff recently told me that he was becoming more agitated and sleepless during the night. As a result, he is extremely tired and confused during the day.

Any suggestions as to what kind of tools might help him, or will nothing reach him at this point?

29 May

Hi Belleruth,

I was wondering if you ever considered doing a guided imagery specifically for women survivors of childhood sexual abuse. As a survivor, and now someone who works with women survivors, there have been times guided imagery has been helpful, but it takes a long time for the person to start to try to relax into it.

17 May