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19 Feb

Greetings, everyone.

Well, it’s February here in Cleveland, at the base of the Great Lakes, where the sun gets obscured by lake-effect cloud cover. This dreary weather starts in November and can last all the way through March.

So, that means a lot of light-sensitive people end up experiencing mild to moderate depression, quite possibly from the weather alone. 

08 Feb


Here's a TED talk by psychiatrist Robert Waldringer, the fourth director of a 75-year-old Harvard longitudinal Study of Adult Development, begun in the '30s, on what keeps us happy and healthy. (Actually, this is a study of what keeps men happy and healthy, just to pick a bone on who gets studied in most research ... but that's a battle for another day.)

The study looked at the lives of 724 men, from their teens into their 90's. Half were Harvard sophomores and half were from Boston's poorest neighborhoods. Sixty of the original men are still alive, most of them in their nineties.

07 Feb

Hello Belleruth,

I have found the 12 step program to be a helpful adjunct to traditional psychotherapy. I was raised by alcoholic parents, though like many such children, for years I was consciously unaware that there was anything “wrong” with my home life. Life may have been stressful and tumultuous, but it was up to me to make it better. I accepted the unreasonable challenge of molding the world to my will, and any small / temporary successes I accrued were, of course, to my own great personal credit. There being little else to own, I really owned this aspect of myself. Unbeknownst to me I was building the resume of a survivor - a survivor that carried within her the very same misshapen ideals, the unrealistic expectations, and ultimately the sickness that ravaged the lives of my parents.

05 Feb

Dear BR,

I have been using your CDs for over 15 years & swear by them. A friend of my daughter is 7 days sober. She is a phone person, so I would like to know if the MP3 is to be downloaded on to a phone or should I get her an MP3 player. Old school here, but I think she would really benefit listening to your new Dr. Leviton guided imagery.

05 Feb


I am put off by what you have to offer. Health Journey's full support of Alcoholics Anonymous is appalling. AA views people through a deficit-based lens. Proof for this statement exists on your website. It calls people who use substances as "skinless", "self-deluded", and "addicts". This kind of language hurts people who struggle with compulsive behavior. It violates some of the basic principles of our social work profession.

05 Feb

Hello Belleruth,

My question is about this version of 12 steps from C.L. I would like to buy but the 12 Steps seem to be very fatalistic:

#1 powerless about XYZ, #2 only help through an external power-force, #6 & #7 change my situation only through an external power-force

That is what they say and what they try to believe, as I see on my sister and on Wikipedia. I would not like to reinforce this IMO disbeliefs/limitations into my head by a well-made hypno-file.

01 Feb

Dear Belleruth,

I’m wondering if you have any programs that could help an alcoholic trying to achieve sobriety after 25 years of addiction. He is having a very difficult time.

25 Jan


Guided imagery got a big boost from the Recovery community and the ‘Inner Child’ movement of the ‘80s. Charles Whitfield, John Bradshaw, Melody Beattie, and Claudia Black led the way for introducing guided meditations to help people recovering from addiction, co-dependency, childhood brutality and neglect, helping listeners go within for healing and reclaiming a redeemed and transformed self.

But then, sometime in the nineties, at a NICABM Hilton Head conference, I sat in on an imagery workshop by Chuck and Patti Leviton. It presented a series of guided meditations for recovering addicts, and the imagery was designed to accompany each of the 12 steps. It blew me away.

23 Jan

Good morning!

My sister is currently suffering from diabetes II, chronic kidney disease (stage 2) and the doctors are unable still to get her blood pressure under control. While the doctors are suggesting that she have surgery to help with weight loss that will reverse the conditions mention above, I have suggested to my sister that an integrative approach is best. This thought process led me to your site. I have used your products in the past and have been satisfied. Which combination of CDs do you suggest my sister may benefit from given the aforementioned medical issues.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

23 Jan


I’ve been using Belleruth’s guided imagery for many years. I’m now a therapist, and sometimes I like to begin my sessions with mindfulness, especially my couples sessions. I’m looking for a 3-minute audio download to bring calmness, so my clients can feel a sense of calm and clarity during the session. 5 minutes seems too long. Any recommendations from your catalog?

Thank you!

23 Jan

Hello Belleruth,

First I would like to thank you because your panic attack disk has helped me tremendously in the past and I still use the mantra meditations to get me through a lot.

The past few months I’ve been going through extra health problems that have brought back my panic attacks, more specifically a horribly intrusive gagging symptom. The meditations don’t seem to be helping as much as in the past. I even try acupressure points on myself. (Also currently on Ativan)

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated since you’ve helped so much in the past! :)

15 Jan


Year after year, the top New Year’s resolutions in the United States are consistently some variation of “Exercise More” “Go on a Diet” or “Lose Weight”. If your goal is to be healthier, that’s great! But it’s important to remember that your healthiest weight may not be the smallest number on the scale.

Nor is it always your best look, for that matter. I have an athletic friend who was naturally stocky and well-muscled, who was so obsessed with having the smallest number dress size possible, that on the two yo-yo occasions that she achieved her goal (an unnatural size 8), her normally round, pretty face became gaunt, lined, discolored, and positively haunted looking. She looked sick.