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Monthly Archives: October 2003

  1. Grand Ideas from Within

    Grand Ideas from Within is a special guided imagery program for troubled kids at the West Feliciana Middle School in Francisville, Louisiana. The brainchild of 2 inventive, caring educator-social workers, Janice McDermott, M.Ed, LCSW and Joan Stewart LCSW, the program uses weekly

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  2. Suvivor of childhood sexual abuse is offended by Br's offering of the Pesephone myth

    A survivor of childhood sexual abuse is offended by BR’s offering the Persephone myth as a useful parallel for PTSD, and questions what on earth BR was thinking…
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  3. Woman left by husband of 28 years finds new peace, courage and self appreciation

    Thanks to mindfulness practice and a good therapist, a broken-hearted and terrified woman, recently left by her husband of 28 years, finds new peace, courage and appreciation of herself…
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  4. October 27, 2003

    very happy to announce that our Mastering Menopause imagery will be available as a special, custom-packaged freebie from the makers of Estroven, a popular, over-the-counter herbal remedy…
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  5. Imagery helps woman "freaked out" by bar exam

    Julie writes: When I was scheduled to take the bar exam for my THIRD time, I was so freaked out and demoralized from the first two failed attempts, I was a mental case…
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  6. Impact of a workplace stress reduction program on blood pressure and emotional health in hypertensiv

    Researchers at the Institute of HeartMath examined the impact of a workplace-based stress management program on blood pressure (BP), emotional health and work performance in hypertensive employees…
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  7. Connection between PTSD and Fibromyalgia

    Could you provide me with the research citations for making the connection between PTSD and Fibromyalgia? I have looked around on your website and I can’t seem to find them…
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  8. October 20, 2003

    The Persephone myth is the allegory of trauma... One day, the babelicious young goddess, Persephone, daughter of Zeus (Uber-God of the whole bunch of testosterone-soaked, badboys up there on Olympus)…
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  9. What is the difference between Guided Imagery & Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    A nurse asks BR how progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) compares to guided imagery, if it’s as effective as imagery, and if combining it with imagery makes for a more powerful experience…
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  10. Doc avoided surgery on ruptured disk thanks to guided imagery for pain

    An aching doc expresses his delight at being able to avoid surgery and alleviate his ruptured cervical disk through less invasive means, thanks to some guided imagery for pain…
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