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Monthly Archives: January 2004

  1. CJ the bone marrow transplant patient update

    Remember C.J., the hockey playing guy who spent a lot of high school recovering from a very tough bone marrow transplant? Well, here’s what his Mom reports about him these days..
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  2. Can Post Traumatic Stress imagery help a woman recover from nonischemic, dilated cardiomyopathy

    A woman asks if the posttraumatic stress imagery (Healing Trauma) could help her recover from being diagnosed with a debilitating illness - nonischemic, dilated cardiomyopathy - and the shock of being diagnosed with it..
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  3. January 26, 2004

    Google has taken me back 22 years, to the days when my then 5-year-old youngest son busted me (unfairly, I swear!) in the Washington Post for being a clueless mom who made insufferable lunches..
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  4. Guided imagery helps widow deal with depression and grief.

    A recently widowed spouse talks about how guided imagery helped her through the devastation, grief and depression surrounding the loss of her best friend and husband of nearly 40 years..
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  5. Long distance learning program for guided imagery training??

    Someone asks if there are any distance learning programs currently available for training in guided imagery, and BR says she knows of at least one in the works for the future..
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  6. January 19, 2004

    Say, did you know you could find a certified, impeccably trained, fully qualified practitioner of interactive guided imagery in your local area by visiting the website for The Academy for Guided Imagery..
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  7. Trajectories of posttraumatic stress disorder following myocardial infarction: a prospective study.

    Trajectories of posttraumatic stress disorder following myocardial infarction: a prospective study.
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  8. Delivery of first baby went smoothly with imagery and prenatal classes

    A young couple have their first baby, jointly participating in guided imagery, prenatal yoga and birth classes during the pregnancy. They made a great team and produced a great baby, of course..
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  9. Two studies of posttraumatic stress disorder following myocardial infarction.

    Two studies, one from The Netherlands and another from Israel, illuminate the connection between heart attack and posttraumatic stress, and tease out variables most associated with the later development of PTSD..
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  10. Does artwork increase the effectiveness of guided imagery?

    Does looking at beautiful artwork help increase the effectiveness of guided imagery, or is it better to just close your eyes and experience your own, unique, inner images? Inquiring minds want to know..
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