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Monthly Archives: February 2004

  1. Imagery & massage result in less medication needed ..

    A person with diabetes reports that after beginning some regular new relaxation activities - yoga, massage and guided imagery - she is needing less of her medication to control her blood sugar..
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  2. Woman looks for imagery for relapsing polychondritis

    A woman asks if there is any imagery for her father, who is on prednisone and suffering from relapsing polychondritis, a rare disease in which the body attacks its own cartiledge..
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  3. Imagery rehearsal in the treatment of posttraumatic nightmares in Australian veterans with chronic c

    Researchers at The Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health find that the positive effects of Imagery Rehearsal Therapy on posttraumatic nightmares continue to last for twelve months post-treatment..
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  4. February 23, 2004

    On March 12-14th at the spectacular new Omega-at-the-Crossings retreat center in Austin,Texas, I’ll be presenting some exciting new material from Invisible Heroes, my new book on imagery and trauma ..
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  5. EMDR helped woman with PTSD from a mugging

    A woman diagnosed with PTSD as the result of a mugging several months earlier, turns around her distressing symptoms with the help of a little Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing..
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  6. February 16, 2004

    Check out our two new Combo Packs for Stress Relief and Weight Loss, where we combine three very different but very effective methods by three expert practitioners to synergize a successful outcome..
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  7. imagery helps group get back balance and productivity

    The executive director of an environmental group that had fallen on hard times and group dissension, uses guided imagery to help get everyone back to balance and productivity in their meetings..
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  8. Will imagery help woman get excited about life again?

    A woman wants to know if imagery can blast her out of her depression and help her get excited about her life again, as she goes from working at a successful career into retirement..
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  9. February 9, 2004

    Our Clinician’s Corner is now featuring a new Practitioner We Love - the highly respected cancer guide and health writer, Henry Dreher - and an outstanding, new Hot Program The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Evanston, Illinois.
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  10. The Block Center

    The Block Center for Integrative Cancer CareWe want you to know about The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care in Evanston, Illinois. Founded 2 decades ago by Keith Block MD, an internationally recognized integrative cancer-care specialist and Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Integrative Cancer Therapies,
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