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Monthly Archives: June 2004

  1. It is possible to survive PTSD and find meaning, joy and purpose..

    A survivor of sadistic abuse and (apparently) severe mental illness wants other survivors to know that they can not only survive posttraumatic stress, but find meaning, joy and purpose..
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  2. June 28, 2004

    Well, we’ve finally straightened out my speaking schedule, and the new dates are posted on our Events Page. For starters, I’ll be seeing quite a few of you in the Chicago area on July 13-14..
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  3. Buddhist prayer helps woman let go of obsessive preoccupation and resentment.

    A woman who was unfairly fired from her job so the boss’s girlfriend could replace her, finds a Buddhist prayer that helps her let go with obsessive preoccupation and resentment..
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  4. June 21, 2004

    Cindy informs me that we’ve got our new stuff posted on the New Products page, so, as of today, you can get a preview of these terrific new goodies and order them early..
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  5. Woman uses Smoking Cessation audio to break 42 year addiction.

    Be of stout heart, you smokers out there who despair of ever quitting! Read Terri’s story, a smoker since she was ten years old and thoroughly, hopelessly addicted to cigarettes..
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  6. June 14, 2004

    Now that I’m getting ready to make some new Health Journeys guided imagery, please add your ideas for which topics you’d like to see me address! Add your wishes on our discussion page ..
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  7. Will BR make an audio for breast enlargement?

    A woman asks if BR will ever make breast-enhancing imagery, after reading about a study in Chris Northup’s book. BR responds with a rant about the way women are made to feel critical of their perfectly fine bodies ..
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  8. Guided imagery helps massage therapist undergoing extensive cancer treatment

    A massage therapist undergoing rigorous treatment for a rare form of breast cancer writes about how much her guided imagery CDs gave her comfort and helped her to stay positive during a very challenging time..
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  9. June 7, 2004

    Well, my new book, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal, scheduled for an August 31st release, can be pre-ordered from us as a personalized, autographed copy..
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  10. imagery helps young man with performance anxiety

    A 24-year-old with the talent and ambition to be a professional singer struggled with performance anxiety until a personal coach taught him a little "imagery rehearsal therapy" to get him past his fear..
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