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Monthly Archives: November 2004

  1. Stanford Mind-Body Medicine Fertility Support Program

    Stanford Mind-Body Medicine Fertility Support Program

    Holistic OBGYN and imagery expert, Harise Stein MD, helped put this ingenious fertility-assisting program together and get it off the ground. It is run and facilitated by the awesome Penny Donnelly RN, MFT- a double threat as a nurse and a marriage and family therapist.
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  2. Mark Gilbert MD

    We tip our holistic hats to psychiatrist Mark Gilbert MD, Director of The Integrated Pain Treatment Center and the Mind-Body Skills Program of Toronto. He used his wealth of experience in the field of mind-body medicine (having trained both at Harvard's Deaconess Hospital Mind-Body Program, and at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C.) to create this extraordinary clinic, where the staff works with chronic pain,
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  3. Therapeutic Touch practitioner as an energy doula

    A practitioner of Therapeutic Touch relishes her role as energy-doula to her daughter and her daughters-in-law, in the delivery room during childbirth, where TT decreases stress and eases the process..
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  4. Nurse asks about training for holistic modalities..

    A nurse working full time asks about where she can find certification and training in various holistic modalities - imagery, massage, aroma therapy and energy healing - while continuing to work in her "day job"
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  5. November 29, 2004

    I’ll be seeing many of you next week at the much anticipated annual NICABM conference at Hilton Head December 5-12.. A dynamite week of spectacular learning and networking by the sea..
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  6. Veteran swears by yoga practice for PTSD

    A veteran of The Vietnam War swears by his yoga practice, saying that it was his regular practice of yoga, before, during and after the war that helped him to conquer his posttraumatic stress..
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  7. Can developementally disabled adult use BR's audios?

    A woman with a 25-year-old daughter with developmental disabilities wonders if the Self-Confidence audio can help her, given the fact that she may not comprehend some the sophisticated language in it..
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  8. November 22, 2004

    In a wild display of promptitude, we’ve gone and put together some terrific, festive, holistic gift combinations in time for the holidays. We’ll even send ‘em to your favorite kids and adults with your personal message
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  9. PTSD

    Another reader of Invisible Heroes - a trauma survivor of 20 years - expresses her sense of validation, relief, de-isolation and hope for the future after reading the book..
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  10. Phantom limb symptoms

    My husband was hit by a drunk driver and his left leg was amputated at the hip. Any suggestions for an audio that would help with his phantom limb symptoms, like itching, coldness etc in the missing foot?
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