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Monthly Archives: August 2005

  1. Chronically ill woman asks if BR's workshops would benefit her

    A woman with severe health problems wants to know if BR’s Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma: Success Through Guided Imagery and the New Therapies workshop would help her with her discouragement and feelings of hopelessness and if the four workshops being offered this fall in Portland OR, Albuquerque NM, Cape Cod, MA and Palm Springs CA are all the same or different..
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  2. Woman expresses gratitude to BR for her work

    This beautiful and touching note came last week from someone who wanted to express her gratitude for BR’s imagery, but in writing it, she gave more than she got..
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  3. August 29, 2005

    I’ll soon be giving my workshop for The Conferenceworks on Breakthroughs in Healing Trauma: Success Through Guided Imagery and the New Therapies in Portland, OR (Oct 8-9), Palm Springs (Oct 15-16), Cape Cod (Oct 29-30) and on Nov 12-13, in Albuquerque NM
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  4. Man wants to know if imagery can speed up his metabolism and help him lose weight.

    A man looking to achieve a healthy weight and better muscle tone wants to know if listening to imagery can speed up his metabolism, curb his cravings and motivate him to exercise consistently..
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  5. Plucky woman with ovarian cancer ..

    A plucky 40-year-old, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, who’s had 18 chemo sessions and 4 surgeries in 14 months, talks about her intention to feel great about living and not being in treatment..
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  6. August 22, 2005

    I’ve again been reviewing resources for the next catalog… Because I personally review everything we ultimately include on our pages, I go over everything very carefully and at least twice, mixing up the order..
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  7. desktopspa used by mailorder customer service personel, our plucky little "healer app", does it again, this time soothing the ravaged hearts and minds of those brave souls taking the most outraged and difficult complaints for a major mail order company..
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  8. Man with oxygen saturation problem asks BR's suggestions

    BR suggests web pages and treatment centers for a man with an oxygen saturation problem due to lung disease, sending them to check out what Drs. Andy Weil, Norm Shealy and Keith Block have to say..
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  9. August 15, 2005

    Well, it’s been a couple of years since we began in earnest to include the work of other practitioners in our catalog, in our attempt to bring you the absolute creme de la creme of mind-body-spirit resources..
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  10. Anxiety relief

    What helps for "the worst, worst anxiety" ? BR makes some suggestions, and suggests reading our page on stress, now posted with other informational topics, at the bottom of our splash page..
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