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Monthly Archives: June 2008

  1. A randomized clinical trial to dismantle components of cognitive processing therapy for posttraumati

    Cognitive Therapy More Effective than Journaling for Women with PTSD

    Researchers from the National Center for PTSD at the Boston V.A. Medical Center studied 150 women with PTSD to compare CBT with journaling..
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  2. <b>Suicidal PTSD Survivor Gets Immediate Help from EMDR & Imagery</b>

    Suicidal PTSD Survivor Gets Immediate Help from EMDR & Imagery

    A medical social worker with suicidal thoughts and PTSD writes, "This is a THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your tape on PSTD...
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  3. "How Do I Know I Have a Therapist Who Can Help Me?"

    "How Do I Know I Have a Therapist Who Can Help Me?"

    A woman is given our PTSD imagery before she is ready, becomes more distressed and symptomatic, but her therapist presses her to continue with it just the same ...
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  4. June 30, 2008

    Timing, Readiness Key to Positive Results from Trauma Imagery

    This week we heard about two very different reactions to the Healing Trauma imagery, and I think it’s important to share both of them with you
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  5. June 23,2008

    A New Book on Healing Depression; A Workshop on the How-To’s of Hypnosis; and a Dazzling New DVD on Forgiveness, Gratitude

    Jim Gordon’s new book, Unstuck: Your Guide to the Seven Stage Journey Out of Depression, is out and it’s definitely worth reading…
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  6. <b>Cancer Recurrence Can’t Keep This Resilient Woman Down</b>

    Cancer Recurrence Can’t Keep This Resilient Woman Down

    After 2 years, her squamous cell cancer is back but this remarkable woman maintains her equanimity and optimism, with the help of her friends and a little guided imagery..
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  7. June 16, 2008

    Martha’s Vineyard Has Sexy Air

    There’s something about Martha’s Vineyard that’s very conducive to activating whatever creativity you may have lurking about... one artist says it’s because it has "sexy air" ..
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  8. Martin Rossman, MD

    {mosimage}Martin L. Rossman, MD is a physician and acupuncturist who, along with David Bresler, co-founded the highly respected Academy for Guided Imagery, which has trained hundreds of practitioners from around the U.S. and the English speaking world in the art and science of Interactive Guided Imagery. He has also written 2 books on imagery and healing - Guided Imagery for Self-Healing; and Fighting Cancer from Within. He has also created several audio programs to aid with healing.

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  9. Martha Howard, MD

    {mosimage}Martha Howard MD has a Master's Degree from Harvard University in Chinese Language and Literature and an MD from Loyola University. She combines a knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Western medicine, psychoneuroimmunology and bioenergetic medicine in her practice. She is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, which she has been practicing since l982. Dr. Howard is currently the Medical Director of Wellness Associates of Chicago.

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  10. Marsha Wenig, CYT

    {mosimage}Marsha Wenig, Certified Yoga Therapist, is the creator of YogaKids and the President of YogaKids International. Marsha is the co-founder and director, along with husband Don Wenig, of Dancing Feet Yoga Center in Michigan City, Indiana. Over the years, they’ve developed many children and family programs, as well as programs for special needs children, and they now host international retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali and around the U.S. The YogKids video is the recipient of The Parents Choice Award.

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