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Monthly Archives: September 2008

  1. Woman Uses Imagery to Boost Sagging Confidence from Stressful Boss

    We got this note attesting to how imagery can help buttress self-confidence and produce calm in the face of a critical barrage from a difficult work situation with a  a stressful, demanding boss:

    Hi Belleruth,

    I want to tell you how much I enjoy the Self Confidence imagery.  I work for a very stressful boss, so I really needed the self-confidence boost.  He is highly critical and demanding. We never know when he will come down on us.  Everyone in the office is on edge.  Positive self-talk only gets me so far.  It helps to have something affirming to listen to that comes from outside of myself.  I listen to the imagery a lot.  It helps.  It is also calming and I see it affecting other areas of my life in a positive way. I just wanted to thank you.  I would love to come to one of your programs sometime.  I keep watching for something close to home.  
    Take care and thank you again for your program.  
    God bless,

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  2. Hypnosis Reduces Headache Pain for People with Wide Suggestibility Range

    Researchers from the University of Hartford reviewed the findings to see if a high level of hypnotic suggestibility (considered a stable individual trait) is necessary for a hypnotic pain intervention to relieve headache pain.

    Higher suggestibility has been found to be associated with greater relief from hypnotic pain interventions, and although individuals in the high suggestibility range show the strongest response to hypnotic analgesia, people of medium suggestibility (who represent approximately one third of the population) also have been found to obtain significant relief from hypnosis.

    The researchers conclude that high hypnotic suggestibility is not necessary for successful hypnotic pain intervention for headache – medium suggestibility works too .  But the available evidence does not support the efficacy of hypnotic pain interventions for people who fall in the low hypnotic suggestibility range.  According to some studies, these subjects may benefit from imaginative analgesia suggestions (guided imagery), or suggestions for pain reduction that are delivered while the person is not under hypnosis.

    Citation:  Milling LS. Is high hypnotic suggestibility necessary for successful hypnotic pain intervention? Current Pain and Headache Reports. 2008 Apr;12 (2): pages 98-102. [email protected]

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  3. Woman Gets Slimed By Punk Psychic Reader

    This question came not long ago:

    Hi, I had a psychic reading that made me miserable. Won't go into details, but I am still hurt one month after the reading. Worst of all, the psychic has a popular reputation, and everyone seems to tell me how accurate he is.

    In my situation though, I wanted to ask about my career because I was unemployed at that time. Yet, he chose to spoke about my love life and told me I had no luck in love in New Zealand.  But the worst thing was he recommended I return to my home country (I am Asian)...and what he did not know was I am much more unlucky in love there, because over there, people my age (29!) are considered over the hill and "old maids". However, he made plenty more assumptions about my culture that was not true, as well, and used them as basis for my going back.

    Shortly after the reading (and many tears) I miraculously found a job that I liked. But it's too late. Since that reading, I've been so miserable. While my original worry about my career is lessening.... now, he's directed my fear to my pathetic romantic life, and confusion whether to stay or go. Because if what he says about my shitty love life is true, then why fullfil my hope of a successful career in New Zealand and end up a spinster? I have been more confused, upset, and not to mention offended by his reading.

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  4. Gift Downloads with Be-Ribboned E-Cards!

    Hello again.

    I was cleaning out my overloaded e-mailbox and came across the be-ribboned e-card that we use to send along with gift downloads.  I hadn’t seen it in a long time, and I was struck by how great it is to be able to have this technology available for sending a healing gift to somebody you care about.  The card goes out with every digital present we send.  (We’ve seen every imaginable note with it, too, by the way –from a simple “I love you, Mom, and I hope this helps!” to “Stick this in your ear, Jim!!” )  The digital download makes for a useful, convenient, practical and repeatedly helpful present – especially handy to the giver if, like me, you have a habit of waiting until the last minute to send something, but want it to get there on time.

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  5. Major Success w/ Surgery in Australia (and This Is Why We Love Downloads)

    Team HJ in Akron was tickled by this comment, posted on our site by Rosie, a plucky, resilient, post-surgically recovering, newly converted guided imagery fan!
    Wow...that’s all I can say. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer 1B2 a few months ago. I underwent a radical hysterectomy, combined with femoral hernia repair 10 days ago.

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  6. How about Making Some Christian CDs for a Change??

    We’re always getting some variation of this question, so we thought it was time to post it again – especially given all the emphasis on religion permeating this election cycle.  So here it is:

     Hi Belleruth,

    Might you be coming out with tapes/cd’s that would be Christian in nature? I have your Depression  and Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue  imagery and highly recommend them.

    But for myself, I would like to hear power coming from God, not mystical beings and such.



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  7. What Works Best for Depression?? Meta-Analysis from the UK

    British researchers from the University of York in Road, Durham, UK, performed a meta-analysis of studies testing the efficacy of various behavioral therapies for depression. [Ed. Note: Generally speaking, behavioral therapies use changes in reactivity and behavior as opposed to changes in insight, thoughts and feelings to catalyze improvements.]

    The study identified randomized trials of behavioral treatments for depression and compared them to controls or other psychotherapies.  Seventeen randomized controlled trials, encompassing a total of 1109 subjects, were included in this meta-analysis.

    A random-effects meta-analysis of symptom-levels, post-treatment, showed that behavioral therapies were superior to controls*, brief psychotherapy, supportive therapy and equal to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

    The results in this study indicate behavioral therapy is an effective treatment for depression, with outcomes equal to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the current recommended psychological intervention and preferable to brief psychotherapy and supportive therapy.  Future research is needed to clarify and better sort out these findings.
    Citation:  Ekers D, Richards D, Gilbody S. A meta-analysis of randomized trials of behavioural treatment of depression. Psychological Medicine. 2008 May;38 (5): pages 611-23. Epub 2007 Oct 1, [email protected]

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  8. A Terrific New Caregiver Stress CD

    Hello again.

    Good news:  our warehouse just received Dr. Lynn Joseph’s terrific, new caregiver stress CD - Emotional Renewal for Caregivers: Looking After Yourself while Helping a Loved One.  It’s a superb, 7-track, guided imagery CD that alleviates caregiver stress in a variety of compassionate, comprehensive ways. Segments include a thorough, knowledgeable intro with advice, followed by imagery segments for: Boosting Self-Love, Planning a Smooth Day; Healing Stressful Feelings; Connecting with Your Future Self; Sleeping Soundly; and much more. Lynn’s voice is ideally suited for guided imagery, and she encourages journaling after each experience. This woman understands caregiver stress, folks – I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d been there herself! 


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  9. Woman Reports Guided Imagery a Godsend for Severe Depression

    "A friend had used guided imagery recordings to help her through her battle with cancer and lent them to me when I was going through a very rough time.  I was suffering from severe depression.  I had days when I could not get out of bed.  I considered suicide."

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  10. What to Do for Fear of Pregnancy & Miscarriage

    "My niece is having lots of fears about becoming pregnant. Is there one or any of your cd's that I can obtain for her that may help ease her mind?  She's had a couple of miscarriages, but is physically fine to get pregnant. She's just got so many scary thoughts about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood."

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