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Monthly Archives: March 2009

  1. Can this Almost-marriage Be Saved?

    My fiancée has had a terrible time sleeping lately, between our demolished savings, employment worries and pre-nuptial stress.  I’m stressed too, but it doesn’t wreak havoc on me the way it does on her. It was starting to affect our relationship.  Decision making for the wedding was becoming a real ordeal.  An old friend gave her some sleep CDs from your catalog, to listen to at bedtime.  They have made a huge difference.

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  2. Looking for Spiritual Guide Imagery


    I did a guided imagery this morning with my LCSW [Licensed Clinical Social Worker] from one of your books. It took me to a special place and I saw a "remarkable being" that gave off a soft but bright glow. Which of your CD's has a guided imagery like that? She said in the book it was called "Spiritual Guide Imagery" but I can't find a CD that says that. Is the Healthful Sleep anything like that?

    John McP.

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  3. Strictly Psychological Methods Not So Effective with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

    Investigators from the Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care at the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands, reviewed the research literature on efficacy of psychological interventions for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

    MEDLINE, EMBASE, PsychInfo, CINAHL, Web of Science, The Cochrane Library and Google Scholar identified 25 randomized trials comparing single psychological interventions with either usual care or placebo interventions in patients over 16 years of age, between the years 1966-2008.  

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  4. CD Survey – OK, So What Should We Make Next?

    Okay, good people, it’s that time again!  We’ve just about wrapped another catalog,  and I’ve personally finished recording 3 new guided imagery CD’s (for Caregiver Stress, Immune System and Allergies) and now we need you to tell us what new topics should we be addressing next?  What do you wish we had but don’t have in our catalog? 

    I’ll be making some new recordings myself and, as always, we’ll also be finding quality titles by other practitioners.  So, where do you think we’re lacking?  What conditions do you wish we’d target?  Where are the gaps in our list? 

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  5. Guided Imagery Delivers the Goods for Hysterectomy Patient

     We got this enthusiastic email about using guided imagery for a hysterectomy a while back:

    "I was told about the Successful Surgery CD by an acquaintance and decided to try it before my surgery.

    When I was in my 20's I learned self-hypnosis to alleviate my fear and it was invaluable during the labor of my first child. I wish I would have continued practicing it, but once used, I put it aside.

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  6. New Resources for Compulsive Eating, Job Loss, Cancer…

    Hello everyone.
    We’re pumped about some of our new titles.  I guess I’m not the only wild enthusiast about Tiffany Chen’s Beginner's Tai Chi video – check out the five star rating and comment posted by Sifu Kathleen M. Gill, Ph.D., on our pages last week :
    "Tiffany's father is my tai chi grandmaster, William C.C. Chen. I have been recommending this DVD to the combat veterans with PTSD that I serve because she embodies the profoundly relaxing principles of tai chi practice, which they find helpful in managing anxiety. And she is an authentic martial artist, so her movements are not "just dance" but really tap into the Chinese medicine principles which underlie the practice."

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  7. BR Gets Drubbing from Irate Hypnotherapist


    While I think your items are helpful, I really think it is unfair that you barely give the profession of hypnosis any acknowledgment when that is what "guided imagery" is.  You should tell it like it is and give credit to the profession.

     Dear Janny,
    I confess to being baffled by your comment.  Although this website started out years ago as a guided imagery site that featured only my work at first, it then expanded over the years into a mind-body site that featured many experiential methods and practitioners, including hypnosis, breathwork, meditation, acupressure, music therapy, biofeedback, yoga, tai chi, and much more. 

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  8. Reducing Panic Attacks Helps with Asthma Too

    Investigators from the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, New Jersey evaluated two protocols for treating adults suffering from both asthma and panic disorder. The protocols included elements of Barlow's Panic Control Therapy  (- a combination of relaxation & breathwork, cognitive restructuring and graded exposure for desensitization) and several asthma education programs, as well as modules designed to teach participants how to differentiate between asthma and panic symptoms, and how to apply specific home management strategies for each.

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  9. Cancer Journey Opens Up Her Creativity & Intuition

    My journey through cancer has taught me to nurture my own creativity. I spent my career nurturing other people's, but cancer has taught me to pay attention to my own voice, and to use it. I finally started writing my own book, and have put all my writing experience into an e-programme so that I am free to write! Now my intuition is my guide and not my head. I feel I've been given a second chance to use my own voice, and am discovering new and exciting ways in which I can speak up. I no longer feel cut off and isolated, but engaged and joyful about the things I have to say.

    Amanda x

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  10. How To Implement a Successful, Brief Intervention for Repeating Nightmares


    I attended your workshop in New Orleans. I now have a client who is a perfect candidate for the repetitive nightmare treatment.  Is there someone in the New Orleans area that I can refer my client to for this -- or who can teach me how to go through the process myself with my client?  Thanks.  Roberto


    Dear Roberto,
    The best expert is the wonderful psychologist who developed the method for the veterans at the Brecksville V.A. - Beverly Donovan, PhD.   Sadly for all of us, she's retired from the V.A. – she was very generous with her time and expertise while she was still working there, but, alas, she’s taken to traveling, relaxing and visiting a lot of family.  Darn, I hate it when that happens!

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