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Monthly Archives: February 2010

  1. Eat Your Hearts Out, All You Macho Boys: This Here Picture from Iraq Is The Essence of Sex Appeal….

    According to the e-rumor fact-checking website, Truth or Fiction, this touching story is the truth.  Check it out - it’s good to remember that, along with all the mayhem and madness going on in Iraq & Afghanistan, there’s quite a bit of this happening too.  Here’s what the site says:

    Summary of the e-Rumor:  

    A picture is attached to this e-Rumor.  It is that of an American soldier holding and comforting a small girl who is resting in his arms.  The email says the soldier is John Gebhardt and the little girl was the victim of insurgents who shot her in the head and executed her family.  It is said that she cries and moans and that John seems to be the only one who can calm her down.  

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  2. Reduced PTSD Symptoms Lead to Reduced Substance Abuse, but Not the Other Way Around

    A new study from researchers at C.C.N.Y. (City College of New York) examined the connection between improvements in posttraumatic stress and improvement in substance abuse over the course of time in 353 women diagnosed with both conditions.

    Participants were randomly assigned to 12 sessions of either trauma-focused treatment or health education.  Assessments were made on the PTS and the substance use during treatment at 1 week and posttreatment after 3, 6, and 12 months.

    Subjects showing no improvement, an improvement in the substance use only, or a total, global improvement early on, tended to maintain their original diagnosis over time; but subjects initially exhibiting improvement in their PTSD symptoms were significantly more likely to transition into a global response over time, indicating that they maintained their PTSD improvement, and that it was associated with subsequent improvements in substance use.

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  3. What To Do for Pervasive Fear that Persists over a Year after Emergency Surgery…

    Hello Belleruth,

    First of all a huge Thank You for your products, they really work wonders. I purchased Relaxation & Wellness CD (Imagery and Affirmations) to help me with my hypervigilant state of being (Really anxious and in Fear mode most of the time).
    I was wondering if you would recommend other products that I could use to help me get better. My Therapist suggested you to me and she was not wrong. I underwent surgery for Appendectomy on 10/31/09 and in addition quit smoking that same day after 20 years of smoking.  Life hasn't been the same since.
    Thank you for your help.
    Regards, Donald Godwin

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  4. Guided Imagery Is Winging Its Way To Our Troops in Iraq & Afghanistan !!

    Hello again.

    Exciting news, people!!  At long last, a gigundo batch of guided imagery audios is winging its way to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Several hundred Healthful Sleep and an equal number of Relieve Stress guided imagery recordings will be in the ears of our service people, thanks to the efforts of the DoD - extremely open to research-tested mind-body tools these days - and a new, durable, preloaded audio player with high quality sound that works in any environment, called Playaway.

    Every month the Playaway people send mounds of spoken word audiobooks to our troops - fiction, self-help, the Bible, language lessons - to distract, entertain, teach and support them downrange.  Now, added to the mix, will be a big, blessed mess o’ calming, sleep-inducing, de-stressing and emotionally balancing guided imagery.

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  5. What To Do for Overwhelming Fatigue & Pain

    Hi, I wrote to you a few years ago... about your healing trauma book and my book about fibro... I have been fine for 7 years but since late Oct. this year, I've been in a lot of pain... any suggestions would be really helpful... been a very difficult and stressful time for me and not sure what to do... the pain is very different than before... cannot lift my arms, my left leg and lower back hurt, mostly...  thanks.

    Sarah H.

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  6. Life Begins at 50… A Wife’s Notes on Depression & Celiac Disease

    Dear BR,
    Enjoyed your email about helping the military with Guided Imagery.  Having experienced a lifetime of depression, your Depression tape has been the most valuable tool I have found.  With that and medication, the last 7 years of my life have been the best by far.  I am 58.  In my case, life began at 50!

    My husband and I are enjoying a wonderful life as retirees near Hilton Head, SC. One year ago, shortly after retirement, my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease, an auto-immune condition where one cannot tolerate gluten, which is in wheat, oats, barley, and rye.  With an excellent GI specialist, help from a mentor, and finding a newly organized support group in Savannah, we are managing fine.  I enjoy cooking more now with this challenge than I ever did before when we could both eat anything.

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  7. Brief Mindfulness Training Feasible & Promising for Patients with Heart Disease

    Researchers from the Integrative Medicine Program at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons gathered preliminary information regarding the feasibility of implementing a brief meditation-based stress management (MBSM) program for patients with CHD, and those at high risk for CHD, at a major metropolitan hospital that serves a predominately non-local patient population. The secondary aim of the study was to see if such an intervention could reduce depression, as well as perceived stress, anxiety, and hostility, while improving general health scores.

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  8. OK, We’re Ready: What To Make Next??

    Hello, everyone.

    I’ve been carefully going over over 170 responses to my question, “What should we make next?”  I’m shocked, dismayed and embarrassed to say I asked it nearly a year ago - it’s been that long, being as how we got seriously diverted by the job of getting our audios to more of our sleep-deprived, over-adrenergized, trauma-impacted troops and vets.  So I apologize for the delay (although I’m not sorry about what we’ve been doing that caused it). But the good news is, at least I saved all the suggestions.  I’ve been combing through them, looking for common themes for what’s most needed.  

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  9. Prophylactic Double Mastectomy Patient Gives Great Post-Surgical Advice

    We were told about this posting, from a really impressive woman who has some great suggestions here for recovering from any surgery (she also was kind enough to give guided imagery a shoutout), in response to an interview with E.D. Hill which she saw on The View.  Hill is a TV journalist who chose to have a prophylactic  double mastectomy in order to prevent getting breast cancer, because of her intense family history.  You can see the original interview here. Here are her comments, written directly to E.D. Hill:

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  10. New Oncology Nursing Study: Who Uses CAM These Days? (Complementary & Alternative Medicine)

    Researchers from the College of Nursing, Wayne State University in Detroit looked at who uses CAM practices (Complementary & Alternative medicine or the preferred term these days: Integrative Medicine) among survivors in the U.S. cancer population.
    The study used the 2002 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), with a sample of 2,262 adults (aged 18 years and older) diagnosed with cancer, representing more than 14.3 million cancer survivors in the United States .

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