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Monthly Archives: May 2010

  1. Cancer/Surgery Survivor Tells It Like It Is

    Listening to guided imagery helped me so much 4 years ago when I was dealing with breast cancer. I am a cancer thriver today, even though the chemicals were debilitating, I never missed a night of sleep using the chemo and restful sleep.

    I found in the process that I was more auditory, and use affirmations now. Guided imagery helped but was a little more difficult for me to do.
    These audios and the experience of cancer profoundly affected my Life, so that each day I wake up with gratitude. I also continue to find the daily, mundane tasks in life so profound. This has not changed in four years and I do not believe it will for the rest of my life (and I plan to live a long time).

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  2. Fibromyalgia Update from Italy Shows Docs Taking It Seriously

    Researchers from L. Sacco University Hospital in Milan, Italy undertook an updated review of the underlying mechanisms that produce fibromyalgia (FM), and summarize viable treatment options.  FM is described as a chronic pain syndrome characterized by widespread pain, fatigue, sleep alterations, and distress. 

    The authors state that emerging evidence points to problems with augmented pain processing within the central nervous system holding a primary role in the pathophysiology of this disorder.
    Recent studies have identified distinct FM subgroups on the basis of clinical, neurochemical, and neuroendocrinological abnormalities. These include increased cerebrospinal fluid levels of substance P; excitatory amino acids; and functional abnormalities in the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, as well as in the  sympathoadrenal (autonomic nervous) system.

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  3. Young Mom with Toddler Looks for Training, Certification in Guided Imagery


    I am a Reiki master and certified aromatherapist. I was a mental health therapist before, and have some experience with guided imagery, and would like to become certified in guided imagery.

    The problem is I live on the East Coast and have a toddler, so it is difficult to travel. Is there any way I can become certified by some type of correspondence course?  I would be willing to make tapes of sessions for review and feedback.  I appreciate any guidance you can give me on this matter.

    Tara P.

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  4. Imagery Featured in Scholarly PTSD Text; Gyrotonic Magic

    Listen up, guided imagery lovers.  At long last, a scholarly book on PTSD gives serious cred to guided imagery as a viable treatment option for posttraumatic stress.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Basic Science and Clinical Practice, a volume edited by Peter Shiromani, Terrence Keane, and Joseph E. LeDoux, got reviewed in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association.
    The book focuses on epidemiology, neurobiology, MRI studies, animal models, arousal and sleep issues, clinical trials, and treatment strategies for clinicians.

    Three treatment strategies are discussed: guided imagery, pharmacologic treatment and virtual reality exposure therapy. Jennifer Strauss wrote the chapter on imagery.

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  5. Hard Core, Mind-Over-Matter Guy Beats Prostate Cancer

    Dear Belleruth,

    Several months ago (I remember the date: November 5, 2003) I received a diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer. My PSA was 600 and my alk phos reading was over 700. Both are problematic barometers, as you may know. That was the beginning of the journey… and the adventure..

    In these past several months I have invented, reinvented and kept inventing protocols to take me toward being well. And this is in the fullest sense of being well. I will get there, because I know it is not time for me to die, as I do have unfinished business, and service to render.

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  6. Guided Imagery Reduces Prenatal Stress

    Researchers from University Hospital Basel in Switzerland compared the immediate effects of brief guided imagery and relaxation exercises - two active and one passive 10-min relaxation technique - on prenatal stress in a randomized, controlled trial with 39 healthy pregnant women.

    Subjects were assigned to one of two active relaxation techniques, progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) or guided imagery (GI), or a passive relaxation control condition. 

    Measures were self-reported relaxation on a visual analogue scale (VAS); the State Anxiety Inventory (STAI-S); scores on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis (cortisol and ACTH); and sympathetic-adrenal-medullary (SAM) system activity (norepinephrine and epinephrine). Additionally, measures were taken of cardiovascular responses, such as heart rate, systolic and diastolic blood pressure.  Scores were measured at four points before and after the relaxation exercise.


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  7. Does Emotional Freedom Technique Work for PTSD?


    Hi there, Belleruth,

    Do you have an opinion on Emotional Freedom Techniques for PTSD? Any contact with anyone who has been helped by it? The website says that it's amazing for PTSD, but I don't know anyone who has tried that.


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  8. Free Teleseminars; Playaways for the Techno-phobic; Warm Welcome to Krishna Das

    Hello again.

    Well, there are two more weeks of free Tuesday teleseminars on posttraumatic stress from NICABM, featuring nationally recognized experts, Diane Poole Heller and then Peter Levine of Waking the Tiger fame….  Check out this rare opportunity to learn from these nationally acclaimed experts here.

    When I was first introduced to Playaways (preloaded digital audio players), I wondered why someone would use them, over, say, a CD or a download.  But just last week, an old college friend of mine helped shake out one answer to that question.

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  9. Shaped Up from Watching 92 Year Old Salsa Dancer

    Ed note:  This is Diana’s response to BR’s reply to her question, posted here.   Clearly this is one plucky dame.

    Dear Belleruth,
    I was just viewing a video clip linked to your blog ... I somehow wandered smack dab into it and this is what I saw - I saw a 92 year old woman dancing the salsa with her 29 year old grandson and I felt joyful just watching her.

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  10. Teeth-gnashing Frustration Re: Lyme Disease

    Dear Belleruth,

    Do you remember when AIDS was first discovered?  Do you remember the stigma attached to the illness and how that stigma created much more pain and devastation than the physical illness itself (as if it weren't bad enough)?  Who can forget, actually?  The patients... the disregarded... fought like hell to be recognized and respected, treated and researched.  No one ever thought AIDS could be successfully treated or that people could live productive lives after diagnosis.... but how wrong that was!

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