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Monthly Archives: July 2012

  1. Resources for a 12-Year-Old Girl in Aurora, Colorado


    Dear Belleruth,

    I have a young friend, age 12 and going into middle school, in Aurora, Colorado. Like other kids there, the movie theater near her home and other parts of her everyday life are now associated with a terrible and traumatizing event.

    She's also had some pretty big losses in her life this year, including her dad's death.

    I'm looking for the right cd to help help her find calm and strength in light of the emotions these deaths are sure to stir up. I fear the cd for kids 5-12 may be too young for her, and the Shambala tape for teens may focus on too many issues. What would you recommend for her?

    While I'm at it, I'd like to send friends in Aurora tapes appropriate for younger kids and for adults. Could you give me a list of tools that will be helpful for kids and their parents, folks who were witnesses to the shooting or know someone who was?

    Even though I no longer live there, I definitely felt the trauma from a distance, and have been listening to your Relaxation and Wellness tape to prevent the feeling of helplessness from setting in. I'm grateful these tools are available!


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  2. What Actually Works for Weight Loss?

    Researchers from the Department of Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, reviewed the research literature to see what if any integrative therapies had been found effective for the treatment of obesity and helping with weight loss. 

    The analysts report that the only integrative interventions (or what used to be referred to as CAM or complementary and alternative methods) they could find that the evidence supported, were three approaches: (1) ingesting food containing diacylglycerol oil; (2) acupuncture; and (3) hypnosis. 

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  3. The Story of Debbie Phillips’ Braces, Starring Gloria Vanderbilt…

    Debbie Phillips, the generous, inspiring and very fun dame who founded Women on Fire, has a marvelous story from her own life about her embarrassment over some new braces, an interview with Gloria Vanderbilt (yes, that would be the designer jeans lady and Anderson Cooper’s Mom) and the lessons learned therein.  It’s a great story.

    It’s also a terrific glimpse at two remarkable women and gives you an idea of the mutual support and power of Debbie’s organization.  I actually got so into the story that I proceeded to watch the entire TV show where Anderson Cooper tells the story of his mother’s life, which is pretty astounding in and of itself.

    You can find the story here (both of them, actually), on Debbie’s site.  Enjoy!

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  4. New Self-Esteem Audios in High Demand

    We’re delighted to report that Traci Stein’s two new guided self-hypnosis audio programs on self-esteem are selling through the roof.  Up ‘til now, just the downloads were available, but this week, we expect to see the hard copy CDs show up in the warehouse as well.  

    For those of you who missed the description, her first audio program for Healthy Self-Esteem offers two superb, guided exercises - a short version and a long one - plus a track of brief, powerful affirmations – designed to help listeners release self-doubt; cultivate feelings of personal mastery; envision a more empowered future self; and encourage present moment self-acceptance - all while embracing positive change. 

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  5. Reducing Diabetes Meds with Guided Imagery & Yoga

    We were tickled pink to discover this personal story in the product review section of our Diabetes imagery page.  And it’s consistent with the research, as well as with other reports we’ve been given, from patients, docs and certified diabetes educators. By implementing some proactive relaxation strategies, this woman was able to lower the dosage of the medications she was taking to control her diabetes.  

    Here’s what Katha posted:

    I am a diabetic who has been taking insulin, Glucophage and Prandin for the past 3 years to control my blood sugar. I decided to run a little experiment to see if meditating could reduce my need for these medications, which I am not happy about taking. This is especially true of the shots.

    My nurse told me that regular relaxation might possibly reduce my blood sugar. I started three new relaxing activities which I had never tried before. I joined a hatha yoga class that meets three times a week at the community center. I also started listening to either the Health Journeys Diabetes imagery or the General Wellness imagery, in the morning and the evening.
    I am not sure how far this will take me, but last week, my nurse-educator told me that I am definitely taking too much medication, and that we will have to start cutting it down!
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  6. Bonny Method Helps Cardiac Rehab Patients

    Researchers from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia launched a small feasibility study to assess the impact of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music on six outpatients in cardiac rehabilitation, as part of their treatment plan to effectively marshall physical, psychological, and vocational strategies to restore and sustain optimal health.
    Starting 6 to 15 weeks after cardiothoracic surgery, 6 study participants were recruited for 6 weekly music therapy (BMGIM) sessions.  Qualitative analysis of the patient narrative within a semiotic framework demonstrated that patients used music therapy to spontaneously explore their recovery process.

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  7. What CDs Reduce Hospice Fear?


    Dear Belleruth,

    I have a friend in hospice care (heart probs) - sadly young at 59 who has decided not to opt for a heart transplant but is still not ready to let go.  Is there a CD you could recommend to help him relax and fear less?  I think the hospice one is too final... he's not there yet... but he will benefit from that one eventually. Right now he has trouble falling asleep b/c he's afraid he won't wake up - something for general relaxation?

    - Virginia.


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  8. Deep Discount on New Sleep App, Version 1.5

    Hello again, everyone.

    We’ve added yet more bells and whistles to our iTunes sleep app, Sleep Help, based on the feedback we’ve gotten from many of you. (App users are generally very particular and highly skilled at making their wants and needs known!!)

    And counterintuitively , we’re introductorily-sale-pricing this insanely expensive piece o’ software at $5.99 for a couple of weeks, to encourage people to upload it to their phones and MP3 devices, give it a try and post their reactions on iTunes.

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  9. Help for Trauma Survivor in Sheltered Workshop, Group Home

    I would like to purchase the best CD for my client - female 25 years old who is for the first time embarking upon processing her PTSD with EMDR and Rapid Eye Movement.  For the last 3 years she has been developing coping skills, lives in a group home, and works in a sheltered workshop.  Once every 3 months or so, she exhibits very aggressive and primitive outbursts, which require staff and police restraint.  

    I am wondering which CD would teach her to really create an inner locus of control, a safe place, while she slowly releases her trauma of her childhood abuse through EDMR and Rapid Eye movement.  We, her professional team, are very concerned for her safety and for the well-being of those around her.


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  10. Shoutout for Guided Imagery with Knee Replacement

    Dear Belleruth,
    I was so anxious about my upcoming knee replacement surgery at the end of April that my friend recommended your guided meditation and affirmations.  I listened faithfully to the guided meditation for a week or so before the surgery and continued afterward with the affirmations and sometimes the meditation for about 5 or 6 weeks.  (I skipped 2 or 3 days about week #3 after the surgery and became quite distressed.  I was quickly reminded to listen again.)
    The surgery went well and I had very little anxiety through my hospital stay and recovery period.  At the six-week follow up appointment, the surgeon said that I was at the point of healing that most people take three months to reach.  I "graduated" from physical therapy last week and my progress was excellent -- my measurements exceeded the goals and my scar has healed nicely.  I even lost 5 pounds!

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