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Monthly Archives: September 2012

  1. Guided Imagery Career Transition Program Shows Higher Re-Employment Success

    A study tests the effectiveness of a guided imagery-based career transition program, and finds it is associated with higher rates of return to full time employment and greater perceived control over the job loss.

    This randomized study examined the effectiveness of a guided imagery-based career transition program as compared to a placebo control condition in promoting reemployment in 52 unemployed business people recruited from four different outplacement firms in seven locations in California (60% male, 83% Caucasian, mean age: 46.8).

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  2. What’s Good Guided Imagery for Domestic Violence Survivors?

    Dear Belleruth and Health Journeys,

    I have been an ER Nurse for over 20 years.  We are currently seeing a dramatic rise in patients coming through the door with injuries due to domestic violence.  A colleague suggested it might be connected to increased unemployment or maybe other factors in the larger, societal picture, but whatever the reason, it’s increasing a lot. 

    Emerson P., ER RN

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  3. Long Term Joblessness Takes a Serious Toll on Self-Esteem

    Over the last several months, we at Health Journeys, have been struck by the increase in calls from people looking for ways to support the long term unemployed.  We recently spoke with Dr Traci Stein PhD, creator of the new Health Journeys Self-Esteem imagery program, about the importance of maintaining self-esteem during periods of joblessness.

    Healthy self-esteem is important for anyone navigating the job market. Recent graduates face the same challenges to healthy self-esteem, as do people who are currently underemployed (those working in positions that pay less than previous jobs, or offer little opportunity for career growth).

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  4. Any Imagery to Shrink a Uterine Fibroid Tumor?


    Dear Belleruth,

    Is there any specific imagery you would recommend to help shrink a uterine fibroid? I have been trying to work on this, but it seems that when I use imagery to try and make the fibroid shrink, it "fights back," so to speak, and just feels worse.

    I've tried to get in touch with what it "wants to express," but this yields nothing either.

    Imagery has helped me in general with managing stress and with some pain; I find it relaxing and comforting. I would really love to be able to heal from the fibroid condition this way also, so I am hoping you might have some advice for me on how to use imagery more effectively, or know of a particular CD or other source that I could work with.

    Thank you!


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  5. Healing Touch Plus Guided Imagery Swiftly Reduces PTSD, Depression, In Returning Marines

    In looking for quick and effective treatment for PTS for returning service members, Scripps Hospital Center for Integrative Medicine, in conjunction with Camp Pendleton and the Samueli Institute, conducted a randomized controlled trial to determine whether a complementary medicine intervention (Healing Touch with Guided Imagery [HT+GI]) reduced PTSD symptoms, as compared to treatment as usual (TAU) with returning combat-exposed active duty Marines with significant symptoms of posttraumatic stress.

    Active duty military (n = 123) were randomized to 6 sessions (within 3 weeks) of either Healing Touch plus Guided Imagery (Healing Trauma by Belleruth Naparstek) or Treatment as Usual.  Outcomes measured were PTSD symptoms (the PCL – i.e., the PTSD Check List) and depression (Beck Depression Inventory), quality of life (SF-36), and hostility (Cook–Medley Hostility Inventory).

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  6. How to Make It Way More Fun to Choose the Stairs

    Please don’t miss this ingenious way of instituting a super creative, fun, positive shift in behavior with this dazzling public health intervention.  These inventive folks got people to choose to use the stairs over the escalator.  What a dazzling way to improve health, strength and fitness!

    I just love this.  You will too!

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  7. For A Memorable Jolt, Try Losing Your Laptop at the Airport…

    Hello again!

    Okay, so here is your basic, worst nightmare scenario – losing a laptop with all manner of critical information – some of it due to be presented the very next day – at a crazy-busy airport. The only thing that’s worse is looking around and thinking you’ve lost your kid.  (I’m familiar with that one, too.)

    Now, some of you have already started hyperventilating out of sheer empathy. Thank you for that, but please keep breathing some nice, deep, belly breaths. There’s a happy ending in here.  

    I’m on my way to an invitation-only conference with a bunch of heavy hitters from all over the place.  I’ve been helping to plan this thing since early June.  It represents a really big opportunity for some terrific changes for thousands of people, and I care a lot about it going well and yielding good, useable results.  

    There is to be one kick-off keynote and I’m surprised to learn it’s been handed off to me. I give a lot of thought on how to focus this talk, to make sure it lines up with the goals of the meeting, and has some useful, hands-on lessons learned in it.  So I take my time, think it through, check my ideas out with the people I’m accountable to, and write it and tweak it over the next several days.

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  8. "How Do I Improve My Body Image and My Body?"


    I love your guided imagery tapes and CDs. I used them during my attempts to get pregnant and during pregnancy and delivery. Thank you!

    Now I would like to ask for guided imagery for improving body image. You know what a problem this is, especially for women. I am working on healthy eating and exercise, but I am having difficulty imagining myself as healthy, beautiful and at a smaller size.

    Somewhere deep inside me I don’t believe it can happen or maybe I don''t feel I deserve to think of myself as beautiful.

    Please help. Thank you very much.


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  9. Weight Loss Imagery Inspires Self-Described Slacker to Wipe Dust Off Treadmill

    My doctor from Kaiser gave me a guided imagery Weight Loss CD, which I accepted and proceeded to stare at for about three months. I accepted it but did not start listening to it until a few months after receiving it.

    I finally started listening to it and I have now listened to the CD for approximately 3 months. The miracle that happened to me is that I started to exercise! ME!!!! It’s been years since I have had an exercise program.

    I have an old treadmill that has been gathering dust for at least 5 years. However, I was drawn to it and started at 20 minutes a day. Now I exercise 6 x a week for 40 minutes.

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  10. Guided Imagery Doubles Weight Loss in Pilot Study at Canyon Ranch

    Jeff Rossman, PhD, Director of Behavioral Medicine at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires in Lenox, Massachusetts, conducted a study with 16 staff members as part of a general behavioral/educational program for weight loss.

    As with a study at the Joslin Clinic in New York, half the group used the Health Journeys Weight Loss imagery; the other half just listened to the music that scored it - Steven Mark Kohn’s Music for Meditation.

    The group that listened daily to the weight loss guided imagery while attending an 8-week weight reduction program, lost an average of 8.5 pounds. The group that listened daily to just the music alone, while participating in the same program, lost an average of 4.25 pounds - exactly half.

    Rossman says that at superficial glance, the guided imagery group seems to have done extremely well.   (This exploratory study is not published at this time.)

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