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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  1. Guided Imagery Assists Another Happy Snoozer

    I have always had problems with falling asleep, but lately my stress at work was making it worse.  Between taking forever to fall asleep and waking up too early, I was severely sleep deprived.

    I placed my cd player next to my bed and alternated playing the Sleep Imagery and Steve Kohn’s music.  I usually fall asleep before the tape ends.  I sleep soundly. I wake up rested.  I find this a surprising and happy discovery.

    I’ve grown to very much enjoy listening to these types of tapes. It is a pleasing way to fall asleep and wake up feeling well.
    Thank you.


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  2. How Cognitively Acute Does a User of the TBI Imagery Have to Be?

    Hi Belleruth,

    I have used your tapes, CDs and mp3s for years, both personally and professionally.

    Now I have a family member with a severe TBI and am so grateful that you have a new guided imagery for that.

    However, I (and the neuropsychologist) want to know at what level on the RANCHO scale does a person need to be in order to begin to benefit from this.

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    LG, PhD, LCMFT

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  3. Yoga Reduces the Blood Chem Values that Indicate Inflammation, Stress

    Researchers from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi assessed the efficacy of a brief yoga-based intervention on lowering stress and reducing inflammation in patients with chronic inflammatory disease in a preliminary study with a pre-post design.

    Subjects were patients with chronic inflammatory diseases and others who suffered from being overweight or obese.
    The program consisted of asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), stress management, group discussions, lectures, and individualized coaching.

    Outcomes were changes from day 0 to day 10 in plasma cortisol and β-endorphin to measure reductions in stress: and interleukin [IL]-6 and tumor necrosis factor [TNF] - to measure reductions in inflammation.

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  4. Procrastinators, Listen Up! Help is on the Way!

    Hello again.

    I’m delighted to announce that Traci Stein’s new audio program for Procrastination will be released by mid-February.  It’s totally terrific and I’m very proud to have it in our catalog.  

    A couple weeks ago, when I was in the studio with our awesome audio engineer, Bruce Gigax, working out the mix of the music and Traci’s voice, we kept commenting to each other on how good it sounded.  

    Bruce pointed out that he was wearing his Lucky Music Socks and perhaps some credit should go to them.  I didn’t share his opinion, but kept that to myself.  

    Of course, I’d say that the biggest percentage of credit goes to Traci’s writing – words that are so beautifully articulated, technically adept and psychologically sophisticated – as well as her wonderful voice, pacing and hypnotic delivery. 

    Then I’d have to give another big chunk o’ credit to Steve Kohn’s, powerfully evocative, immersive music – Steve’s music provides the perfect bed for Traci’s narrative, doubling the impact that voice alone could provide.  

    And of course I’d have to give a substantial amount to Bruce for his recording, editing, pacing and mixing – this guy is such a pro!  

    But his music socks?  Not so much.

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  5. Guided Imagery Reduces Non-Cancer Pain, but How Remains a Mystery

    Researchers from the College of Nursing, Kent State University conducted a pilot study to determine the effect of a guided imagery (GI) intervention over an 8-week period on pain and pain disability in a sample of patients with chronic, non-cancer pain (CNCP);  and to then analyze the mediating effects of neuroendocrine and neuroimmune functioning on outcome variables.

    A simple interrupted time-series design (12-week period) was used. Guided imagery  was introduced at Week 4 and used daily by 25 participants for the remaining 8 weeks.

    Measures of pain and pain disability were obtained at the beginning of the study period and at six repeated 2-week intervals.

    Measures of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activation (plasma, cortisol), immune-mediated analgesia (lymphocyte subset counts and proliferation), and immune-mediated hyperalgesia (interleukin-1β) were obtained at the beginning of the study and at Week 11.

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  6. An Ingenious Use of Guided Imagery to Help Integrate a Healing Session…

    Our good friend, colleague, tireless advocate for veterans, and gonzo guided imagery champ extraordinaire, COL  Jill Chambers, passed along this note to our Akron team…

    It describes a really smart way to use guided imagery…
    This was from the redoubtable Ana Yelen, who works with the Healing Warriors Program, where body-based treatments, such as Healing Touch, Cranio-Sacral work and Acupressure are offered to wounded warriors.

    We love what she figured out to do when these interventions were provided in the context of a public space..  Check it out: 

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  7. What to Do for a Kid Who Gets Headaches, Stomach Pain and Nausea right before School...

    Hi. I am hoping you can help.

    My daughter will be 8 in a couple months. She is currently experiencing anxiety about being separated from me. She is anxious about school, especially math. She is to the point of making herself so upset that she vomits, gets headaches, stomach aches, etc.

    I am at a loss as to what would be best for her….

    She is very sensitive, and she currently has a teacher that is very loud and sometimes brash, and I think this adds to the problems as well.

    She has missed quite of bit of school as well. Any thoughts what imagery would be best for her? I am so worried about her and want to help her as best as I can.


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  8. Really, Is One More Book on Meditation Necessary? Yep, This One is…

    Hello again.

    Cindy mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we really ought to put together a good, useful flu-fighting kit for our peeps – this pesky flu has been raging around us, felling staff, family, friends, colleagues – yikes!   It’s really bad this year.

    So we did.  Check it out here.  

    Guided imagery is good for this – we’ve learned that immune system (cellular) imagery will indeed up-regulate bug fighting in the bloodstream – it lasts for at least 45 minutes and maybe a lot longer.  Do it a couple times a day and how bad would that be? 

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  9. A Simple Ritual Helps a Whole Staff Respond to Grief in Their Midst

    This note showed up on Facebook.  It tells a heartwarming story of how a whole staff came together to help a family in severe distress, and shows how sometimes a response to something overwhelmingly sad can be simple but powerful.
    Dear BR:
    I just thought I would share this with you:

    Around December 20th, the staff at our hospital was informed that the husband of one of our colleagues has non-small cell pulmonary sarcoma. This is a married couple – each is 48 years old - and they have been married and best friends.
    The practice is devastated for them and many have been at a loss as to how to support them. I had taken a course at Omega with Joan Borysenko called Soul Care in Health Care. The staff knew I had been to that course and two staff members came to me and asked if I could lead a prayer circle.

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  10. Is There a Cure for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?


    Hello. I love your meditations, especially the affirmations, and most especially the CD you made for fibromyalgia - but I've benefited from others as well.

    I also deal with MCS [Ed. Note: This is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities] from scented chemicals, which makes living in this world a huge challenge. I've seen some claims that certain kinds of meditation (amygdala retraining, NSP protocol) can help with MCS (some claim 'cure', but not the MCS experts and research.)
    Do you think daily meditation could cure my MCS? Would it have to be of a certain type?

    I think that it probably helps with symptoms, but can't cure, and that the claims I heard are in order to sell expensive programs.

    Still, I would really like to know what you think.

    Thank you..)


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