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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  1. A Big Drop in Debilitating Migraine Headaches

    A Big Drop in Debilitating Migraine Headaches

    My 37 year old daughter has suffered from terrible migraine headaches for most of her adult life, at least once or twice a month. She has been conked out on medication more times than I would like to count. The pain of these headaches is so strong that she misses a lot of work. All she can do is stay in bed and lie very still with the shades drawn and no noise. It’s heartbreaking to watch her in so much pain. She is my only child and the mother of my only 2 grandchildren.

    I help with the housework and keeping the kids when the headaches come on her (her husband is pretty useless). Mostly it is a waiting game. All we could do was wait for them to go away.

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  2. How to Be Done with Agoraphobia and Panic Attacks


    Hello, I suffer with Panic disorder and Agoraphobia, I am terrified of having a panic attack and of driving, bridges and being attacked when outside my home, I also am unable to sleep on my own for fear of panicking.

    However last year my father was very ill, and we were told to come and say goodbye, as he only had a short time left.  I was unable to get to him or the funeral because of my fears and anxiety.  

    I don't want this to happen again with my mum who is now in her eighties, as she lives a distance away and I don't want to live the rest of my life in fear, as, to be honest, it's only a existence, not a life, so I sought the help of a therapist and after many unsuccessful ones, I have found a gem who has helped me go outside for the first time in years.

    However the panic does not seem to let go and she feels I have PTS due to the panic and a car crash I had many years ago. Prior to all this I bought you panic attack cd and although I adore your voice, the more I listened, the worse my anxiety became, until I gave up listening as I was scared I was going to have a full blown panic attack.

    I would be very grateful if you could help me choose some CDs or products which will help me move forward in a very gentle way so my mind and body feel safe to do this.

    Thank you, Belleruth, for taking the time to read my email, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions.


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  3. Cognitive Training Improves Memory, Attention in Aging Population

    Investigators from Maastricht University Medical Centre in The Netherlands reviewed the efficacy of cognitive intervention studies with the aging population, assessing earlier reviews by taking into account the methodological quality of the studies.
    They performed a systematic review of randomized controlled trials (RCT) and clinical studies published between August 2007 and February 2012 in Pubmed and PsychINFO. The quality of the included RCTs was assessed according to the CONSORT criteria for RCTs. A total of thirty-five studies were included; twenty-seven RTCs and eight clinical studies.
    The content of the intervention studies differed widely, as did the methodological quality of the included RCTs.

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  4. The New Hospital Reality: Checking Computer Screens over Patients

    I spent most of last week in a brand new, state-of-the-art hospital, hovering over a friend who had undergone orthopedic surgery.  I was struck by how much hospital care has changed. I’m not sure when all this happened, but it has to have been pretty recently.  It wasn’t this way a few years ago.

    For me, the biggest surprise was how much time nurses and other caregivers have to spend at their stations, looking at their computer screen.  They’ll came into a patient’s room to do a procedure, but then they go right back to their screens, I suppose to enter data before they forget it.  

    When I needed to find somebody to help my friend, I rarely found her at the desk.  I took to looking for a lit screen on the dimly lit floor.

    Even the most people-oriented nurse is either submitting or reading information.  It’s hard to yank them away. And you’d think this might result in better continuity of care, what with all this sharing of data, but from what I could observe, it doesn’t.  Care is as disjointed and fragmented as ever.  Probably there’s just too much information to keep straight. 

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  5. Embracing What Makes Us Different

    Embracing What Makes Us Different

    Although it is still technically “summer time,” a few leaves have already begun to dry and fall from the trees in the New York City parks, the daytime sun has given way to a crisp nighttime temperature of 60-something degrees, and I have resumed the almost daily ritual of packing a light sweater in my bag “just in case.” As such, many of you have probably witnessed the re-emergence of that notorious TV commercial, with those kids -- dread-filled, feet dragging, frowns pronounced – trailing the giddy parent who skips through the school-supply aisle to the tune, “It’s the most wonderful time…of the year!”

    All joking aside, for everyone, the start of the school year elicits something different. Certainly, there are those kids (and adults) who unequivocally enjoy the opportunity to connect socially and the academic stimulation of being in school. For others, this time of year can highlight feelings of “otherness” or social awkwardness, as well as struggles to complete schoolwork well, on time, or at all. The latter can result from difficulties in paying attention, diagnosable learning disorders, anxiety, poor self-esteem, or some combination of the above. In addition, challenges with schoolwork can serve to exacerbate all of these issues, resulting in a vicious cycle of distress and poorer performance.

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  6. Teenage Girl Needs Help with Anxiety, Schoolwork

    I have a 16 yr old granddaughter who is frightened at night, can't sleep without a night light, and any small sound - even normal ones - causes her such anxiety, she has even asked her Dad to stay with her until she goes to sleep. This is fairly new. My son, her remarried father, & her mother have been divorced for several years - very "nasty".  Her mother plays mind games with her and lays guilt trips on her to try to keep her away from her Dad. (Not just saying this because he is my son) 
    This year she has finally gone to live with her Dad and stepmom. He has had to get tutoring because she tests at the 7th grade level, and her grades began to drop when she went into the 10th grade (the year her Dad moved out of state and was no longer close to help her with homework.)  
    She is very smart and capable. I think she would benefit from Guided Imagery. Do you think your "Teen Tension Tamer Kit" would be the best for her, based on what little I have told you? I really value your opinion and feel that she really needs help. Thank you so much 
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  7. Neurofeedback Found Effective for Kids with ADHD

    Researchers from the University of Göttingen in Germany sought to validate claims from small, insufficiently controlled studies that neurofeedback (NF) reduces inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    In a multi-site, randomized, controlled study using a computerized attention skills training protocol for the control condition, 102 children with ADHD, aged 8 to 12 years, were included in the study.

    Children were randomized to the intervention - 36 sessions of NF training - or the control condition – 36 sessions of computerized attention skills training - within two blocks of about four weeks each. 

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  8. Guided Imagery Helps College Students with Anxiety

    BR got this note from the mom of a college sophomore at The University of Chicago, who suffers from anxiety but who was very skeptical of guided imagery as a self-regulation solution for her troubles.

    Hi, Belleruth,

    I learned so much from attending your workshop on Healing Trauma in Bethesda a few weeks ago! Thank you for an interesting, information-packed presentation. Little did I know that shortly after this workshop I would get my 19-year-old daughter to try your imagery. Over Thanksgiving she was home from the University of Chicago where she is a sophomore. Where she goes to college probably tells you what kind of person she is--smart, driven, perfectionistic, etc. etc.

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  9. Back to School; It’s that time again!

    This week’s update is provided by the staff of Health Journeys.

    Another school year is about to begin; bringing with it the all of the challenges and opportunities a new school term can create for kids and parents. Should some of those school-related challenges arise for you, we have some excellent guided imagery for kids and teens. This is especially true with the addition of new guided imagery by Mellisa Dormoy and Traci Stein.

    Calm & Clarity: Guided Meditations for ADHD, Hyperactive or Busy Kids has two guided meditations, written for a wide range of younger, grade school aged kids, from those who could use a little help with focus and confidence, all the way to those struggling with ADD or ADHD (attention deficit disorder or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder).  The imagery is designed to help with concentration, the channeling of extra energy and transforming negative self-talk into a boost for self-esteem. This is a popular title with parents, teachers and kids alike.

    Healthy Self-Esteem combines Traci’s guided imagery and hypnotic techniques to help release self-doubt; cultivate feelings of personal mastery; envision a more empowered future self; and encourage present moment self-acceptance - all while embracing positive change.  

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  10. Tell us what you think...

    Tell us what you think...

    It may seem an open ended phrase, but it’s time to gather up some new submissions for potential use in our catalog and website. Ideally, I would love to know what topics you are looking for in an audio program, or an author’s name / title of a program you’ve heard and adore.  We have gotten quite a few leads for programs from past emails and comments that our customers have sent, so I thought this is where I should start my search.  Please post below any information you have so I can find specific programs. For those of you who are more creative, if you have made a program that you think is a fit for our catalog (and it is professionally produced) - please feel free to send a non-returnable demonstration copy to our warehouse address for evaluation. 

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