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Monthly Archives: December 2014

  1. Let’s Take a Cup of Kindness Now for Auld Lang Syne-Celebrate the Moment

    Let’s Take a Cup of Kindness Now for Auld Lang Syne-Celebrate the Moment

    "Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind, we'll take a cup of kindness now for auld lang syne."

    The Scottish tune, Auld Lang Syne, by Robert Burns, has become the most popular New Year's Eve song among English-speaking people. Auld Lang Syne simply means times gone by.

    Confusion abounds about the meaning of the words of this song, but when we hear them, we feel nostalgic. We get the message that we should not forget old friends and if we have, it's good to 'take a cup of kindness ' for them and pretty much everyone else. We also get the message that the time to do it is now.

    A cup of kindness is like an ounce of prevention and a little chicken soup. It can't hurt, and it beats a pound of cure any day. The time for this cup of kindness is now, which relates to presence—staying in the moment.

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  2. The Research-Proven Combo for Healing PTSD: Guided Imagery + Healing Touch

    The Research-Proven Combo for Healing PTSD: Guided Imagery + Healing Touch

    We got this query from a Healing Touch practitioner who was doing her due diligence homework on how to best help veterans suffering from posttraumatic stress. She'd come across last year's journal article in Military Medicine. We get this question periodically, so we decided to post it this time.


    I have recently read an article published in Military Medicine regarding the use of Healing Touch and Health Journeys Healing Trauma meditation.

    As I was purchasing the Healing Trauma meditation, I examined the Relaxation and Wellness meditation. Your website states that the Relaxation and Wellness meditation is the first portion of a protocol to be used with PTSD.

    I am preparing to work with military personnel experiencing PTSD in the very near future. Would you be willing to share the research or protocol that is referenced online regarding the Relaxation and Wellness meditation and Healing Trauma meditation for PTSD?

    Thank you very much for any assistance you may offer.

    A.T., Healing Touch practitioner

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  3. Happiest of New Years to You!!


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  4. Seasons Greetings


         Health Journeys will be closed December 24th and December 25th.

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  5. Guided Imagery Increases Her Powers of Intuition & Creativity

    Guided Imagery Increases Her Powers of Intuition & Creativity

    2147bMy favorite use of guided imagery was when I developed a book study group after my retirement in order to teach friends how to tap into their intuitive sense. About ten group members used a combination of reading your book Your Sixth Sense and listening to your guided imagery recording of Unlocking Intuition. Several group members reported increased awareness and comfort with their powers of intuition. Even group participants who did not have this experience enjoyed the guided imagery set to music, stating they had never been able to meditate before.

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  6. Guided Imagery Reduces the Pain & Depression in Fibromyalgia Sufferers

    Researchers from the University of Almeria and Poniente Hospital in Almeria, Spain, evaluated the effects of guided imagery as a nursing intervention for pain management and depression in patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

    In this 8-week, quasi-experimental study, patients diagnosed with fibromyalgia, aged 18 to 70 years (n = 60), were randomly assigned to a guided imagery group (n = 30) or a control group (n = 30).

    The pain outcomes were measured by the McGill Pain Questionnaire long form (MPQ-LF) and the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). Depression was measured by the Beck Depression Inventory and the VAS for depression. Scores were examined at baseline, post-intervention (4th week), and at the end of the study (8th week).

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  7. A Stressful Time for Children

    A Stressful Time for Children

    Happy Holidays -- you bet! Most of us enjoy and get caught up in the decorating and all the festivities that come this time of year. But one thing many adults don't realize is that it's also a stressful time of year for the children among us. It can be anxiety provoking when the routines are broken, schedules are whacky, good nutrition and bedtimes are compromised. And for the school aged kids it's an added factor having projects due and tests to take before Christmas break.... academic crunch time. As a Mom to a 13 year old man-cub I have a few things I'd like to share in trying to keep his world 'balanced' this time of year.

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  8. She Lost 40 lbs with Guided Imagery, then Had a Setback..What to Do?

    She Lost 40 lbs with Guided Imagery, then Had a Setback..What to Do?

    Dear Belleruth,

    I sent you a note not too long ago re: my weight loss of 40 lbs with the guided imagery. I was going strong, feeling good, thought I was FINALLY addressing the core of my obesity....

    I was feeling better about shedding some weight... feeling safer in the world.

    Then "out of the blue" comes some inappropriate behavior from a man. I could feel the switch inside me, but felt powerless to stop it.

    I am back up in the weight gain and feel rather defeated, because I was sure hoping the reprogramming had done its job.

    Any suggestions?

    M. L.

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  9. Belleruth’s Foolproof Tips for Holiday De-Stressing

    Belleruth’s Foolproof Tips for Holiday De-Stressing

    Hello again. It's that time of year when we aspire to stay calm, sane and steady - and maybe even have a little fun - in the face of demands piling on as the holidays draw nigh. You've probably seen most of these tips before, but just as a timely reminder, here's my updated take on how to minimize the inevitable stress, short of getting under the covers and sucking your thumb....

    Take Care of Your Body
    Try to do all the things you know are good for your physical well being: get some exercise; take it easy on the caffeine, sugar and alcohol; get enough sleep; eat healthy food - you know this stuff. This is the baseline of stress reduction.

    Track Your Physical Comfort
    Take time to check in and see how your body is feeling. Once you notice, you can make small corrections to relieve discomfort before it takes over. Breathe into tight places; stretch and move when your back or neck feels stiff; look out the window when your eyes are straining at the computer screen; massage your neck and press the acupoints when a headache is lurking. But you have to notice what's amiss first.

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  10. One Man’s Emergence from Grief and Heartbreak

    One Man’s Emergence from Grief and Heartbreak

    We got this really beautiful note last week from a man who'd suffered the terrible loss of his soul-mate and life partner to complications from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It's a wonderfully honest and eloquent description of a person's journey through grief and heartbreak to healing and growth - and very inspiring. Here it is:

    "This isn't a question - it's a great big Thank You Note!

    "My soul-mate and life partner, died in May of this year due to complications from chemo and radiation treatments for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (actual cause of death was end-stage lung disease - not a nice condition).

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