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Monthly Archives: July 2019

  1. 4 New Ask BRs on Menopause, Anorexia & More

    4 New Ask BRs on Menopause, Anorexia & More


    I’m a bloated, fatigued, moody, peri-menopausal mess too much of the time! What do you suggest for this situation??


    I am currently in perimenopause and have severe hormone fluctuations .... even with Exercise and a very healthy diet, I still feel so bloated, fatigued, moody and awful during certain times of the month ... what meditation/hypnosis would you recommend for this situation?

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  2. 10 Tips for Self-Care on the Fly

    10 Tips for Self-Care on the Fly


    When experts talk about the importance of self-care, my inner brat is rolling her eyes and thinking of sarcastic rejoinders… not that I have anything against self-care.

    It’s because I’m thinking And when, exactly, am I supposed to be doing all this TLC on my busy, harried self? And I’m no different than most, especially when September rolls around and there's so much to do.

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  3. New Streaming Pages, Mind-Body Training, & Research Updates!


    Greetings and happy mid-summer!

    Last week we shared some Q & A’s – and we still have plenty more. But this week I thought I’d provide some newsy HJ news, some upcoming training opportunities, and some new research.

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  4. Belle's Best Qs &As

    Belle's Best Qs &As


    The questions and comments keep rolling in. It’s always good to get them, because they make clear what we haven’t been explaining well, or point out something we’ve articulated too flippantly, or highlight an important issue that was omitted in an answer… in other words, they set us straight and keep us on track. So thank you all for all of it.

    Here are a few recent Q and A’s. No scoldings in this batch, but some great issues raised… on cancer, panic attacks, psoriasis, and our new app…

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  5. Four New Platforms and Options for You, Dear Reader!


    Holy cow. There’s so much going on around here, I don’t know where to start.

    We seem to be popping out new platforms like gangbusters, in our everlasting quest to find easier, less pricey, and more adaptive ways to get our audios into the ears of those who need them.

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