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Monthly Archives: April 2022

  1. Getting First-Time Parents Off to a Good Start

    Getting First-Time Parents Off to a Good Start

    Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) is a non-profit community health organization that partners specially trained nurses with high-risk young women who are pregnant for the first time. Starting early in pregnancy and continuing until the child is two years old, the nurses visit regularly to coach participants in all the basics of becoming and being a great parent – everything from getting prenatal care, learning to breastfeed, and choosing a car seat to finding housing assistance and job training.

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  2. The Three-Minute Meditation Miracle

    The Three-Minute Meditation Miracle

    One of the things people love about the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System is that it drops them into a deep, restorative meditative state in just three minutes. But it’s also something people have complained about to us. They question why the listening period has to be so brief, and tell us they’d rather stay where they are, because it’s such a rewarding state to dip into.

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  3. Helping Veterans and Others Turn Their Lives Around

    Helping Veterans and Others Turn Their Lives Around

    Dr. Debbie Hutchinson’s husband spent his time in the military as an Army Ranger, 82nnd Airborne and Long-Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD) – a team that was repeatedly sent out to gather information by hiding deep within enemy territory for days at a time. The experience left him struggling to recover from posttraumatic stress, a journey that eventually led Dr. Hutchinson to found Turning Tides LLC, a family-owned organization that helps people heal from addiction, brain injuries, and emotional trauma.

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