4 New Ask BRs on Dentistry, Picking Up a New Hobby, Christianity & More...

I’m 65, just took up golf, and everyone plays better than I do. This is rough on my concentration and confidence.  What do you suggest?  

Dear BR,

Do you have something for a golfer who took up the sport at 65? I am nervous when playing with better players and that keeps me from playing as well as I can. -M

Hello, M. Good for you for finding new horizons!!  You are game!!  You have pluck!!  It’s already a win, Girlfriend!  

We have one audio specifically for golf by Linda LeClaire and one for confidence, peak performance, and unselfconscious enjoyment of the activity by me.  Emmett Miller has a great one for optimal performing and David Illig has a skillful hypnosis/subliminal audio for peak performance here.

I suggest you listen to all the sound samples and see which one appeals most – and start with that one first.  You can always go back and get another if/when you get saturated with that one and feel like trying something new.

Good luck!  And remember, you’ve already excelled in guts, adventurousness, and allowing yourself to feel vulnerable by trying something new as a complete novice at age 65.  You are my hero.

All best,


I’m overwhelmed - stressed, overweight, anxious and diabetic,  and I don’t know where to begin with guided imagery. What do I address first?


I am really enjoying listening to your Health Journeys audios. I bought the cardiovascular health one but I just saw my endocrinologist and I have some questions. Well, I have one question really- what is the best meditation to begin with? My blood sugars have gone up a bit and now I am on a mild dose of meds to help that. I know I need to lose weight. But, I am very stressed all the time.

Even when I feel relatively calm, if I get still I can sense an undercurrent of anxiety. I am anxious about my health and about my family members with mental health issues. I have a 7 day trial with the app. And I tried a meditation on stress one night. I was so relaxed it was crazy. The next day I woke up feeling great.

My question is, with my circumstances (wanting to deal with stress, blood sugars, and weight loss) what do I listen to first? I was looking at the weight loss tapes, the diabetes tape and considering relieve stress. I know I can't do all at once. So I want to start with what will be most effective.


Hello, H.  You’re asking a question we get quite frequently – what should I listen to first?  

Here’s the good news – especially for the areas of concern you’re dealing with: if the stress audio helped you feel relaxed, it will also help lower your blood sugar and help your A1c counts and assist you with weight loss, because it lowers cortisol in the bloodstream and helps with sleep. Sleep helps with stress and boosts weight loss. It’s all connected. So stick with that meditation you liked on the Stress audio! 

When you get sick of it, or you feel genuinely ready to try something new, go to the next – again, pick something appealing – it’s all connected. If you lose weight, your diabetes will very likely improve and vice versa. So pick something that pleases you and that you want to use.  You’ll improve on all the fronts you’re concerned about!  (And at some point, try the sleep meditation – it will also help on all those fronts!)

All best,


As a Christian, I’m concerned about using guided imagery and opening my mind to imaginary spiritual beings and such.  I’d like to try your Fibromyalgia audio, but need reassurance in terms that make sense to me, religiously. 


I would like to try your cd for fibromyalgia but after reading one person's review regarding the uninvited spiritual beings touching her which made her angry I'm feeling uncomfortable. I come from a Christian background and many Christians warn against hypnotherapy and meditation as they believe you are opening up your mind to deceitful spirits.  I just want to make sure that that I'm protected from any spiritual beings that are not of God.  Do you think these beings are angels?  I can't help being fearful because I was brought up with fear-based religion and fear is something I've been struggling all my life.

Your help is much appreciated

Kind regards, C

Dear C,

Thanks for reaching out for clarification.  Rest assured our guided imagery is sometimes used by deeply religious, Bible-based and Born Again Christians.  The imaginal guests being invited to come around and support the listener are chosen and invited by the listener him- or herself – so that can be Jesus, or a beloved grandparent or teacher or a favorite pet from childhood. Nothing is imposed.

But I do appreciate your concern.  This was explained to me by some pastor-colleagues as the idea that the spirit of the listener is encouraged to leave the body during these meditations, thus making space for evil or deceitful beings or the devil to enter and take over. 

The fact is, the imagery actually guides listeners to more fully inhabit their bodies and be fully present in them in the first segment of the meditation. People get into fewer accidents or abusive situations when they are fully present in their bodies. 

Additionally, we suggest to worried, Bible-based Christians to invoke their own beliefs and Divine Assistance at the start of the meditation, declaring that they do this in Jesus’ or The Lord's name or whoever they feel safer with, by having them preside over the experience. 

Sometimes people who are upset by the idea of being touched (even in their imaginations) have suffered childhood sexual trauma, and get triggered for obvious reasons. Most do not. But of course, nobody should have to listen to anything that distresses them – there are plenty of other ways to receive help!

(By the way, over 25% of people who have fibromyalgia are in fact trauma survivors and we know that trauma survivors, for the most part, do very well with guided imagery as a healing tool.)

I hope this helps.  

My best wishes to you on your healing journey,


I’m a pediatric dentist in search of something to use with anxious kids and adults in my chair.  I'd appreciate suggestions.


Are you aware of any Guided Imagery audio products related to Dentistry and/or specifically Pediatric Dentistry? - P

Hello, P. 

I’m aware of guided imagery designed for generally intimidating, uncomfortable or unpleasant procedures, for either adults or kids, but nothing specific to dentistry per se.

On the other hand, I don’t think the imagery needs to be specific to the exact procedure in order for it to be effective – the same relaxing, comforting, distracting, anxiety-reducing narrative that can be used for a biopsy or ventilator weaning or a colonoscopy, or even a needle stick or blood draw can be used in the dentist’s chair, as long as it’s the right length of time or can be repeated.

So, for instance, our Relaxed & Awake during Medical Procedures, originally commissioned to help patients during a cardiac catheterization, was adapted and modified to accommodate a whole array of invasive procedures that people often dread and avoid. 

And to that same point, we’ve found over the years that anything that works well for anxiety in adults or kids can be used to great effect in the dentist’s office – preferably when listened to in advance of the visit, under relaxing, comfortable circumstances at home a few times first.