4 New Ask BRs on Menopause, Anorexia & More


I’m a bloated, fatigued, moody, peri-menopausal mess too much of the time! What do you suggest for this situation??


I am currently in perimenopause and have severe hormone fluctuations .... even with Exercise and a very healthy diet, I still feel so bloated, fatigued, moody and awful during certain times of the month ... what meditation/hypnosis would you recommend for this situation?

Thank you


Hello, Alicia. Sorry you’re feeling miserable.

We do have imagery for hormone fluctuations and some of the other unsettling symptoms of perimenopause. I would recommend you try Mastering Menopause and if you’re also having trouble with sleep, (a common symptom that doesn’t always get identified as part of menopause), you might want to try our imagery for Healthful Sleep.

I also recommend you take a look at what Victoria Maizes MD has to say about this, especially from the standpoint of herbs and nutritional supplements.

Aside from Directing the Integrative Medicine Fellowship program at the University of Arizona, she’s a very knowledgeable and trustworthy physician, who stays up on the research like few others. This page is a good place to start. 

Wishing you the best. (And I promise, this too shall pass!)


How do I get your app to play from my laptop computer at work?

Dear Belleruth,

I have just subscribed for a month through my apple phone, but am not able to access my account to listen to any of the recordings on my laptop at work.

The recordings work fine on my phone when I have an internet line, like at home, but I am most interested in having access to the recordings at work, as I do not have a monthly contract with a phone company.

Can you help please? Great stuff otherwise!

With thanks and best wishes,

Martin from Canberra, Australia


Hey there, Martin from Canberra!

I think Cheryl will be answering your question on the tech issues in much greater detail, as she is much smarter about these things than I am, but rest assured: I’m told with great authority that people who sign up for a subscription can listen on a desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone – whatever you like.

The link to register or login to listen on a computer is here.  And that’s the sum total of my wisdom. But you’ll hear from Cheryl if you haven’t already!

All best,


A N.O.W. tone therapy session lasts 3 minutes and I’d like to listen for 10 – what’s the max playing time allowable?

The most frequent question we get about the N.O.W. Tone Therapy System goes something like this: “Why limit me to just 3 minutes – why not a longer session?” Here’s what a doc who works in integrative oncology, wrote us:

I just used the N.O.W. peace pucks while wearing my Muse headband to measure my brain waves. It reported that I was in a deep meditative state, even when it didn’t feel like I was! For the entire 3 minutes.

Only question I have is what is the max you can do with these, and if there is a max. I would like to listen for 10 to 12 minutes.


We asked the developer, Michael Joly. He wrote back this:

I think 10-12 minutes listening (3 - 4 playing cycles) is fine. In fact, this is how I listen in the morning, during my “coffee meditation” time. I simply press play again, after enjoying a moment of silence after the tones end.

We made the playing time of N.O.W. short so people would use it, and come back to use it regularly. If it were longer, people would have to carve out time to use it and might not develop an easy, daily practice.

Also, N.O.W. is effective in 3 minutes. Many experienced meditators have told us they get to a place with N.O.W. in 3 minutes that takes them 20 minutes with their regular practice. So, why wait?

What should my 17 year old daughter who is recovering from anorexia listen to?


My 17-year-old daughter is recovering from anorexia. I am thinking that your eating meditation/visualisation recorded by one of your colleagues (Traci Stein PhD) may not be appropriate, as it seems to deal with those people who struggle with overeating.

My daughter is much better, but tends to not nourish herself sufficiently. What else might you recommend for her?



Hey, James.

Traci Stein's meditation, Healthy Weight & Body Image, is beautifully designed for any eating disorder – not just bulimia, but anorexia, too - or any other compulsive or addictive eating or non-eating issue, for that matter.

It’s very wise and psychologically sound, and addresses all sorts of things that come along with the eating disorder territory, such as perfectionism, unrealistic or unmeetable expectations of self, dislike of the body, self-harshness and punitiveness, and all of that.

I’d give it a try, and if your daughter seems to like it (or is even willing to use it), I’d add the accompanying audio for playing during sleep.

Best wishes to you both,