Hello again.  

Well, I wanted to give you a heads up that we’re about to merge our two blogs into one.  Right now we’ve got two.  This is part of our continuing quest for the holy grail of integration and coherence, folks!

We have the blog I’ve been writing, basically since 1997, when one of my kids built me a website for my birthday, with 4 pages that changed each week . That content is housed here at BelleruthNaparstek.com. As you can imagine, the archives are enormous – that’s 17.5 years of weekly updates, Q & A’s, mind-body research abstracts and inspiring stories.  

You can see all of our quaint, early iterations on the Wayback Machine.

And then there’s our spiffy, new, extremely good-looking, well-designed and beautifully written Health Journeys blog over at http://blog.healthjourneys.com with lots of culled information and reader-friendly articles.

So now we’re taking our joint content and combining it on the better looking, easier to navigate Health Journeys template.  I’ll still be contributing my articles, but now you can also access the terrific writing from our awesome staff – especially Maggie and Elizabeth – and articles by our authors, like Traci Stein, Lynne Newman and Emmett Miller. It’s kind of like one stop shopping – everything in one place.

So stay tuned.  We think it’s going live either this week or next.  

And please let us know how you like the change – or don’t.  If you’ve got the time to write or post some feedback, we’d love to have it and make good use of it.

Take care and be well.
All best,